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The collaboration between "Shadowverse" and "Chiikawa" has been decided! In commemoration of the collaboration, a campaign to win 10,000 yen worth of Pay, which can be selected, is underway!


Cygames' Full-Scale Smartphone Card Battle " Shadowverse
In June 2022, "Shadowverse" will celebrate its 6th anniversary since its service launch, and has been selected as a competition title for the 2022 National Prefectural eSports Championships. Shadowverse is a game of cards.
Shadowverse" has decided to hold a collaboration event with the popular manga " Cheeka " drawn by illustrator Nagano (@ngntrtr)!

初の大型公式イベント「Shadowverse EVOLVE Grand Prix 2022 横浜」大会レポート!優勝・準優勝プレイヤーにインタビューも

Shadowverse" and "Chiikawa" collaboration event!

Shadowverse" has collaborated with a wide range of works such as Uma Musume, NieR, and Street Fighter, but this time the collaboration partner will be "Chiikawa".
The "Shadowverse" x "Chiikawa" collaboration event will be held from Thursday, September 1, 2022 (after maintenance) to Friday, September 26, 2022 (23:59), a month long.
The collaboration event will feature various characters including "Chiikawa," who appears in the work.
The special site shows two silhouettes of Chiikawa and other characters, and fans may be able to guess which character will appear from the silhouettes alone.
Information about the "Chiikawa" collaboration will be posted on the official Shadowverse Twitter account (@shadowverse_jp) every day until the event, so be sure to follow us and wait for more news!

Collaboration limited! Leader skin "Chiikawaka" is now available!


The leader skin of Chiika will be available for purchase at the collaboration event starting Thursday, September 1, 2022.
Purchasing the leader skin will give you an emblem, a title, and a Chiikawa-designed sleeve, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

In addition to the leader skin, the "Dream Hospitality" cards that have appeared so far will also be available as premium cards with Chiika designs.
These premium cards will be available with voices, so be sure to get one and listen to it!
The method of acquiring the premium cards will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned for more information.
For more details about the "Shadowverse" x "Chiikawa" collaboration event, please check the special collaboration site.

Twitter Follow & RT Campaign to Commemorate the Collaboration!


To celebrate the collaboration event between "Shadowverse" and "Chiikawa", a Twitter follow & RT campaign will be held!
To participate in the campaign, follow the official Shadowverse Twitter account (@shadowverse_jp ) and retweet the campaign tweets.
Twenty winners will be selected by lottery to win 10,000 yen worth of "Geraberu Pay "!
The campaign will run from Sunday, August 28, 2022 until 23:59 on Thursday, September 1, 2022, so why not participate in the campaign after reading the entry requirements and notes?
For more details about the campaign, please check the official Shadowverse website.

Outline of Twitter Follow & RT Campaign
Application Period From Sunday, August 28, 2022 to Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 23:59
Prize 20 winners will be selected by drawing for "10,000 yen worth of "Erable Pay
How to apply Follow the official "Shadowverse" Twitter account (@shadowverse_jp ). 2.
Retweet the campaign tweets tweeted from the official account during the application period.
Announcement of winners Winners will be notified by DM from the official Shadowverse Twitter account after mid-September 2022.


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