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The long-awaited large free update to the survival horror game "Pacify" that caused a great response! A new stage "Farm" is here!


Pacify ", a survival horror game that has been a big hit among game players and VTubers, has received a long-awaited major free update.
This major update adds a new stage called " Farm, " which is set on a farm.
Unlike the previous stage, the ghost of a young girl is not an enemy, but an old man with a voracious appetite who eats even people, and the player must avoid being caught.
The game supports solo play as well as online cooperative play.

The story in the new "Farm" stage

The main character is an employee of the Paranormal Assistance Agency, or PAH Inc. for short.
The organization currently has a large number of cases, and this time he is asked to go to a farm and bring evidence of any paranormal activity that may have occurred.
What does the protagonist see there?

Old Man Eating Man

About the game system

In the previous "Dolls" stage, the objective was to burn the dolls with marks on them, but this stage is a bit different.
This time, however, the enemy, an old man, is a voracious eater who eats everything, even chickens and people.
The countermeasure against the old man is to feed the chickens running around the farm by putting them in a strong herbicide.
This will weaken the old man.
The difficulty level of the game seems to be multiplayer-oriented, so why don't you try the online cooperative game first for a preview?
There are some achievements that can be unlocked by clearing the game solo, so those who want to complete the achievements and those who are confident in their skills should aim to clear the game solo.


What about the price?

Pacify" is once again making a splash with a new update.
The game is currently on sale until June 23rd, and is priced at 364 yen (30% off the regular price of 520 yen ).
The game is also available as a free update, so those who already own the game can enjoy the new stages simply by updating the software.
This is a free update, so if you already own the game, you can just update it and enjoy the new stages.
For more information, check out the "Pacify" sales page on Steam.


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