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Fumofu no Omise" will participate in "Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2024" as a League Gold Partner!

「ストリートファイターリーグ:Pro-JP 2024」に「ふもっふのおみせ」がリーグゴールドパートナーとして参加決定!

The " Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2024 ", which will start in August 2024, has announced that " Fumofu no Omise ", an import agent of overseas gaming devices, will participate as a Gold Partner of the League.

Fumofu no Omise" has been appointed as a Gold Partner of the "Street Fighter League".

"ストリートファイターリーグPro-JP 2024"キービジュアルPR TIMES

The official "Street Fighter League" is Capcom's official team league competition using the popular " Street Fighter " fighting game series. The seventh season of " Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2024 " will feature the newest title " Street Fighter 6 ", an expanded tournament scale, and the introduction of a new two-division system. The new season, "Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2024", will feature the latest title "Street Fighter 6".

The "Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2024" will feature "Street Fighter 6", the latest title in the Street Fighter League series, as its competition title, as well as an expanded tournament scale and the introduction of a new two-division system.

"ふもっふのおみせ"ロゴPR TIMES

Fumofu no Omise" is an online store that sells gaming devices from all over the world and offers a wide variety of devices that incorporate the latest technology, such as the " Rapid Trigger Keyboard " and the " Ultra Lightweight Mouse Lighter than an Egg. The brand offers a wide range of state-of-the-art devices such as "Rapid Trigger Keyboard" and "Egg-Light Mouse".

Official comment from "Fluffy's Shop

We are very pleased to be a sponsor of Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2024! We believe that Street Fighter 6 will bring great excitement and joy to fighting game fans. We are looking forward to working together to make this exciting activity a success.



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139951「ストリートファイターリーグ:Pro-JP 2024」に「ふもっふのおみせ」がリーグゴールドパートナーとして参加決定!
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