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The latest installment in the Bomberman series "Super Bomberman R 2" announced! The new mode "Castle" is also here!

ボンバーマンシリーズ最新作「スーパーボンバーマン R 2」発表!新モード「キャッスル」も登場!

The world of video games is now filled with a wide variety of genres, but there are some game titles that have become so well known that they can be called staples of the industry.
One of the best examples is Konami's "Bomberman" series.
This series is loved by men and women of all ages for its simple gameplay of placing bombs, detonating them, and using the blast to defeat opponents.
The "Bomberman" series has a long history, but recently the latest title in the series, " Super Bomberman R Online," announced the end of its service on December 1, 2022 (Thursday) at 10:00. Many players are saddened by the announcement, and are spending their days playing the game until the service ends so as not to leave any regrets.
However! At the time of the service termination announcement, the company had hinted at a new title, saying, "We are starting to work on a new project," and now the full details have been revealed!
The latest title in the "Bomberman" series, "Super Bomberman R 2," has been officially announced!

ボンバーマンのバトロワ「スーパーボンバーマン R オンライン」がサービス終了を発表

The culmination of the series with a new mode!

Super Bomberman R 2" follows "Super Bomberman R" released in 2017 and " Super Bomberman R Online" currently in service from 2021. Super Bomberman R 2" will be a completely new title in the "Super Bomberman R" series, following "Super Bomberman R" released in 2017 and "Super Bomberman R Online" currently in service from 2021!
Bomberman" is fun to play against other players, but the " Story Mode " included in each title is also a highlight.
The story will feature the eight Bomberman brothers and a new character named " Elon " as a marvel looms once again in the universe, but more details on the scenario and other details will be announced in the future, so look forward to more information.


Including the "Story Mode," this title is the culmination of the series and has the largest volume of contents, but the new "Castle" mode from this title is the most noteworthy!
In this mode, players are divided into two sides, the attackers (attack side) and the defenders (castle side), and battle over keys and treasure chests on the stage.
The challenge side has a maximum of 15 players. The players use bombs to advance through the stage and obtain the "key" while advancing through the stage. The challenger wins by using the key to open the treasure chest at the goal!


The defending team has only one player. The defender is the only one who can protect the treasure chest by setting up a " defense gimmick " in his own stage with "Elon," a new character who also appears in the "Story Mode. The defender will win the game if he or she can protect even one treasure chest until the time limit is up!
There seems to be fun and strategy for the challengers and for the defenders.


The stages created by the defender, such as combining blocks and gimmicks, can be used by the player in the "Castle" or uploaded for other users to play, so let's show off our stages to everyone in the world!


The familiar "Bomberman" mode is also still available.
You can play both online and offline, and in the online mode, you can battle up to 16 players in the standard " Standard " mode.


Grand Prix " allows players to enjoy full-fledged e-sports-like battles in 1vs1, 2vs2, and 3vs3 team battles.

Grand Prix

The "Battle 64" mode, which allows up to 64 players to battle simultaneously, will also be available for the first time in "Super Bomberman R Online"!
I thought I would never be able to play again after "Super Bomberman R Online" ended its service, so I'm very happy that I will be able to continue playing with "Super Bomberman R 2"!

Battle 64

Coming in 2023 for multiple platforms!

Super Bomberman R 2" will be released in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam . The game will be released in 2023!
Super Bomberman R Online" was cross-platform playable, so we're hoping that this game's online mode will be cross-platform as well, but we'll have to wait for more news on that!
The official website went live with the announcement, and the official Bomberman Twitter (@bomberman573 ) also posted introductions to each mode, so be sure to check back for additional information in the future!


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