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EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK release date revealed

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK release date revealed

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK, the first "Artist-Approved" music rhythm game
You can enjoy the music and live videos of the artists who participate this EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK project.

X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, and GLAY, the legendary bands associated with "Extasy Records," have been announced to participate in the game. Many fans must have pre-ordered the moment it was announced.
Although it was announced at the end of November 2021 and was supposed to be released in 2022, some people were worried because YOSHIKI's participation would come out in 2022.
Don't worry. The release date of EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK has been revealed!

前代未聞のプロジェクトが遂にベールを脱ぐ!【アーティスト公認】ヴィジュアル系音楽リズムゲーム「EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK」正式発表!

The release date is February 25!

The release date is February 25!
The release date is February 25!

EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK will be released on Friday, February 25, 2022!
EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK set the pre-order campaign to reach 300,000 users, which EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK already got on February 10, 2022.
New rewards of "Gems x 1,000" for reaching the 400,000 mark and "Burst Reload (Small) x 10" for getting the 500,000 mark have been introduced!

The pre-order campaign
The pre-order campaign

It' s almost time for release, so pre-order from the App Store if you're an iOS user. Suppose you're an Android user, pre-order from Google Play and get ready to hit the 500,000 mark!
For more details, please visit EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK's official website!
Also, don't forget to check out the official Twitter (@extav_official) for a glimpse of the new footage available in the app, and the countdown voices from the artists!

Feb.25 News: As expected...EXTASY VISUAL SHOCK has been delayed.

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