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Dog God Korone & Sakura Miko Appearance Decision! ARK System Works' TGS2021 Online exhibition contents are released!

戌神ころね&さくらみこ出演決定!アークシステムワークスのTGS2021 Online出展内容公開!

"Still, we have games to play.Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online" (hereinafter referred to as "TGS2021 Online"), Japan's largest game festival, will be held from September 30, 2021 (Thursday) to October 3, 2021 (Sunday) under the theme of "The World's Biggest Game Show.
Each exhibiting manufacturer has announced a variety of elaborate exhibits, and as well as the official TGS2021 Online program, there will be plenty of interesting exhibits at the offline venue.
The offline opening will be for the press and influencers, so general admission will not be available, but you should be able to find out what's going on through social networking sites!
So check back with your favorite media and influencers to see what they're up to!
Now, Saiga NAK is introducing the special websites of exhibiting manufacturers and their exhibits for TGS2021 Online.
This time, we will introduce you to the exhibits of Arc System Works, a notable manufacturer that is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Kuniokun series and whose "GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-" is a worldwide hit!

「東京ゲームショウ2021 オンライン」公式サイトが正式にオープン!出展やコンテンツ情報が明らかに!

The latest on the Kuniokun series and GILTY GAER!

アークシステムワークス TGS特番!
Arc System Works TGS Special Program!

Arc System Works will appear on the official TGS2021 Online program on October 3, 2021 (Sun.), the last day of the event, from 13:00 to 13:50 as the " Arc System Works TGS Special Program! " as "Arc System Works TGS Special!
The latest information on the recently announced " Kuniokun series' latest title " Kuniokun no Sangokushi da Dounyuu! and the long-awaited " Nekketsu Kuniokun Gaiden: River City Girls 2," which has been in the works for some time now!
And the latest information on the hit " GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-," and much more!
"Kuniokun's Sangokushi: Let's All Get Together! and "Nekketsu Hard School Kuniookun Gaiden: River City Girls 2" will be the first information to be released, and "GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-" will be releasing another playable character by the end of 2021. Maybe they will make an announcement here?
The broadcast will take place on Sunday at noon, so be sure to tune in in real time!
Subscribe to the Tokyo Game Show official YouTube channel and wait for the broadcast!

Play Korone Inugami & Mikiko Sakura's Gunio-kun!

The "Arc System Works TGS Special! but there will be an additional highlight!
Inugamikorone (@inugamikorone ) and Sakura M iko (@sakuramiko35), members of the popular VTuber group "hololive", will make guest appearances in some corners of the broadcast!

The two " #Mikkorone " will be playing the game " Kuniookun's Sangokushi: Let's All Sing! The two of them will be playing "Kuniookun's Sangokushi!
Of course, you will be able to see how the two of them play the game, but you will also be able to see footage of the just-announced "Kuniokun's Sangokushi! The game system and features of the game will also be discussed.
Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the game system and the " strategy " that is a feature of this game!
For more details, please check the official Arc System Works website!

Arc System Works TGS Special! Outline of "Arc System Works TGS Special!
Date and Time October 3, 2021 (Sun.) 13:00 - 13:50
Performers Riku Ozawa (Arc System Works)
Korone Inugami ("hololive" virtual YouTuber)
Miko Sakura ("hololive" virtual YouTuber)
Exhibit Titles Kuniookun's Sangokushi: Let's All Get Together!
Nekketsu Kuniokun Gaiden: River City Girls 2
The Adventures of Nyanza
Fallen Legion -Ghosts of Salvation
Distribution URL https://youtu.be/CnPDytl4R38
Remarks Some parts of this program will be pre-recorded and distributed.
*Korone Inugami and Miko Sakura will not appear live.


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