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Congratulations to the Ambassadors and Nathie! The whole picture of TGSVR2022 set in a huge dungeon is revealed!


Tokyo Game Show ", one of the world's three largest game shows and Japan's largest game festival
In 2020, the show had to be held online due to the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus.
The impact of the outbreak was so great that the Tokyo Game Show 2021 will also be held online... but at the same time, the Tokyo Game Show will appear in a virtual space through a new experiment called "Tokyo Game Show VR 2021".
Although the show was held online, many companies and organizations exhibited their products and services to provide an interactive experience that went beyond just watching the show.
The Tokyo Game Show VR will be held again this year!
Tokyo Game Show VR 2022 ( TGSVR2022)," which is set in a giant dungeon, has been fully revealed!

東京ゲームショウ VR 2022の参加企業や舞台が発表!昨年から更にアップデートされて開催!

Go on an adventure through the game strata at TGSVR2022!

TGSVR2022 key visual

TGSVR2022 will be set in a dungeon, where you will explore a vast space and complete hidden quests in a way that only VR can offer!
A key visual depicting the appeal of the dungeon that will be the stage of TGSVR2022 has also been unveiled!
This key visual was created by "Don't Mess with the Video Lab! (@dennou319), the author of "Don't Mess with the Visual Lab!" drew this key visual in parallel with the production of the actual VR venue.
The design of the symbolic mihashira (pillar) and the solid hole at the center of the dungeon also incorporated ideas from Ms. Doudou.

Comment from Mr. Daido

I worked on this project to create a sense of the beginning of an adventure and the expansion of the world.
I am looking forward to the experience of diving into the world I have imagined in VR.

A "game stratum" spreading beneath Makuhari Messe

Game strata

The venue for TGSVR2022 is a dungeon spreading beneath Makuhari Messe, the offline venue for TGS2022.
Visitors to TGSVR2022 can enjoy the Tokyo Game Show and embark on an adventure to unravel the mysteries of the "game stratum.

The images of the venue are still under development.

Core Space (Base Camp)


The upper space of the "game stratum," formed by towering mihashira (pillars) and solid holes rising from deep underground, is the central area leading to the TGSVR2022 exhibitors' and sponsors' spaces.
You may be able to meet the characters that appear in the games!

TGSVR2022 Exhibitors' and Sponsors' Space

Beyond the large side holes that can be moved from the core space, spaces of different aspects are spread out.
Inside, you can enjoy exhibits by various exhibitors and sponsors, get the latest game information, and view booths and monuments that are exclusive to TGSVR2022.
The sponsor space, which is participating for the first time this year, will also offer experiences for visitors to enjoy between adventures!

The middle and lower levels of the "game strata

The middle and lower levels of the "game strata" are located at the end of the hard-packed hole that leads down from the core space.
In the middle level, there is a gallery that traces the history of excavated games.
The deeper you go in the "game stratum," the further back into the past you can go, but what exactly is in the lowest level?
Come to TGSVR2022 and find out for yourself.

New quest functions and avatar customization

The dungeon at TGSVR2022 is filled with quests such as "watch a video" and "take a specified photo.
By completing the quests, visitors can obtain items to customize their avatars and advance the story.

TGSVR2021 had the ability to change T-shirts, and TGSVR2022 will have the ability to customize characters by changing eye color, skin color, and hair style.
In addition to the T-shirts, various 3D items can be worn to create a more personalized avatar.

The Ome Sisters and Nathie have been appointed as official ambassadors!

おめがシスターズ(左) Nathie(右)
Omegamesis Sisters(left) Nathie(right)

VTubers Ome Sisters (@omesis_ray, @omesis_rio) and VR YouTuber Nathie (@NathieVR) have been named official ambassadors of TGSVR2022!
Continuing on from TGSVR2021, Ome Sisters will continue to present the unique attractions of TGSVR2022, while Nathie's expertise in the latest information about VR games and the Metaverse will allow her to convey the fun of TGSVR to game and VR fans overseas.

The TGSVR2022 app will be available for download from the official TGSVR2022 website after 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 15, 2022.
The latest information can also be found on the newly opened official TGSVR Twitter account (@tgsvr_official )!

Outline of the event
Dates Thursday, September 15, 2022, 10:00 a.m. - Sunday, September 18, 2022, 12:00 p.m.
Participation Fee Free of charge
Participation Method Windows, Meta Quest 2 (App Lab / Link function), Oculus Rift / Rift S, HTC Vive / Vive Pro series, Valve Index
Windows PCs can also be used by themselves.
Languages supported Japanese, English
Sponsor Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA)
Co-sponsored by Nikkei BP, Dentsu Inc.


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