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The delivery date of "LOST JUDGMENT: Unjust Memory" Additional Story DLC "Shoji Kaito's Case Book" is finally decided!

「LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶」追加ストーリーDLC「海藤正治の事件簿」の配信日が遂に決定!

Yakuza Studio 's second full-fledged legal suspense action film, " LOST JUDGMENT: Untouchable Memories," which was released on September 24, 2021 (Friday), is a smash hit.
Takayuki Yagami, a detective played by Takuya Kimura, is on the run not only in Kamurocho, Tokyo, but also in Isezaki Ijinmachi, Yokohama.
The "youth drama" in which he interacts with the students of the high school is also very appealing. The various challenges Takayuki Yagami takes on are a must-see in every sense of the word!
It is difficult to touch on the game contents due to the nature of the game, so please try it out!
LOST JUDGMENT: Unforgivable Memories" has a variety of DLC available that will allow you to enjoy the game even more.
Most of them have already been distributed, but the additional story featuring the main character "Shoji Kaito" will be released in 2022, and we are still waiting for further information.
Six months have passed since the release of the game, and we were hoping that we would hear something soon, but now we have a delivery date!

Take control of Mr. Kaito and uncover the truth!

Shoji Kaito's Case Files

"LOST JUDGMENT: Untouchable Memories" Additional Story DLC "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" will be released on Monday, March 28, 2022!
The additional story is about " Takayuki Yagami's" partner, "Shoji Kaito", who is the main character. To learn more about the relationship between Takayuki Yagami, a.k.a. Tarabo, and Shoji Kaito, a.k.a. Mr. Kaito, please play the previous title "JUDGE EYES: The Testament of the Grim Reaper"!
The story takes place after the events of "LOST JUDGMENT: Untouchable Memories" in Kamurocho, where Yagami is away on a business trip.
The story will be about controlling Mr. Kaito and unraveling the truth of the case through powerful battle action and wild investigative action, and I can't wait to take control of Mr. Kaito and fight against the hoodlums!
Along with the release date, the "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" page has been opened to the public, and an introduction to the story has been released.

It's pretty well written and touches on the first part of the story, so here's just the beginning of the published story!


Shoji Kaito's Case Files
"LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶"公式サイト

--Jinmurocho, Tokyo, Yagami Detective Agency.
Shoji Kaito has been spending his free time while Yagami is away on a business trip. The reputation of detectives in Kamimurocho has been suffering from the recent increase in the number of unscrupulous detectives, and as a result, the number of requests for the Yagami Detective Agency has been decreasing.

Kaito, who has no time to spare, invites Azuma, Sugiura, and the others out for a drink, but they all seem to be busy and casually decline his invitation.

......It couldn't be helped. I might be able to find someone, so I'll go to Tender and see if they'll have a drink. ......"

Unable to bear the lonely nights spent alone in the office, Kaito decides to go to his favorite bar, BAR TENDER.

"LOST JUDGMENT:裁かれざる記憶"公式サイト

The story of "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" begins with a " bar tender " who tends to get into trouble.
What kind of case will Mr. Kaito be involved in later on? Let's play and find out!

Season Pass & Digital Deluxe are the best deal by far!

The additional story DLC "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" is priced at 3,300 yen (tax included).
However, "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" is also included in the already released " All-in-One Season Pass " and the " Digital Deluxe Edition " that includes the main game and Season Pass.
The Season Pass includes "Shoji Kaito's Case Files" for 3,300 yen (including tax), "Detective Life Enrichment Pack" for 1,650 yen (including tax) and "Youth Drama Enrichment Pack" for 1,650 yen ( including tax), for a total price of 4,400 yen (including tax ). This is 2,200 yen less than the price of each separately, so it's definitely a great deal!
In particular, the "Detective Life Enrichment Pack" includes four additional software titles for the "SEGA Master System " in the Yagami Detective Agency, which is a "known" feature, so it is a must buy!
If you've already played the main game but haven't purchased the DLC yet, consider the Season Pass, and if you're just getting started with "Lost Judgment: Untouchable Memories", consider the Digital Deluxe!
For more information, please visit the official LOST JUDGMENT: Unforgivable Memories website!


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The theme song of "LOST JUDGMENT: Unjudth Memory" is jon-YAKITORY feat. Decided to "cochlear" of Ado!
The theme song of "LOST JUDGMENT: Unjudth Memory" is jon-YAKITORY feat. Decided ...

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