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Toppan Printing and MONET conduct a demonstration experiment to perform a sightseeing pre-experience using metaverse in a moving car! There is a change in consciousness before and after the pre-experience!


You may have gathered information on the Internet or in books, or you may have seen a tourist spot on TV or other media that you have always wanted to visit, and you head for that spot.
However, have you ever missed something even after gathering information in advance, and later regretted that there were other places you wanted to visit?
(hereinafter referred to as " Toppan Printing"), which provides e-sports event support services, and MONET Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "MONET") have jointly developed a system that uses the metaverse space to provide a real-time avatar guide in a moving car from a remote location to a sightseeing facility. (hereafter TOKINOSU), from March 4, 2022 (Friday) to March 11, 2022 (Friday).
The results of that demonstration experiment showed that a change in awareness occurred before and after the prior experience!

Toppan Printing and MONET conducted a demonstration experiment to experience a tourism experiment in a moving vehicle!

実証実験の様子PR TIMES

The purpose of this verification experiment was to verify whether it is possible to promote behavioral changes in tourists by providing them with advance experiences of Tokinosu's facilities using the Metaverse Space while traveling from Tokyo and Yokohama to Tokinosu, a tourist facility in Shizuoka Prefecture, in a multitasking vehicle developed by MONET, and to measure the level of satisfaction with these advance experiences. The metaverse space used for the verification was the Epiverse space.
The metaverse space used for the verification was the Fortnite Creative from Epic Games' popular battle royale game " Fortnite," in which Tokinosu appeared in the metaverse space.
The staff on standby remotely recognizes consumers walking through the store from the in-store signage equipped with AI cameras, and connects them to an avatar guide who navigates the store through a "remote customer service system" that enables the staff to talk to the consumers. The avatar guide navigated the passengers through a "remote customer service system" that recognizes and talks to consumers.

Results of the demonstration experiment

Change in awareness before and after the preliminary experience

事前体験前後での意識の変化PR TIMES

The results of the demonstration experiment showed that awareness of each spot was lower before the experience than before, and that visits to spots that were not originally planned increased!
The results of the experiment showed that visits to spots that visitors had not originally planned to visit increased before and after the pre-experience in five of Tokinosu's spots: Royal Palace Hill, Glamping Site, Illumination, Mount Agata, Zendo, and Hatsumenohashinouchi.

Pre-experience satisfaction

事前体験の満足度PR TIMES

As for the level of satisfaction, more than 70% of the respondents who had experienced the pre-experience rated their level of satisfaction at 7 or higher out of 10.
The overall average satisfaction score was 7.3!

Composition of Satisfaction Levels

満足度の構成PR TIMES

Of the items that influenced the level of satisfaction with the pre-experience, the highest satisfaction level was achieved by the advance guidance of tourist facilities provided on the META-verse.

Future Goals

Based on the verification of the verification experiment conducted this time, Toppan Printing aims to design and provide new experiences, including advance experiences of destinations in the metaverse and remote customer service systems, to add value to transportation in all scenes involving transportation, such as shopping, sightseeing, and sports games.
The company also aims to achieve sales of 1 billion yen by FY2023 in the metaverse CX production business, including related services.
The day may soon come when it will be possible to experience tourist facilities on a daily basis in advance, as was done in this demonstration experiment.

Details of this demonstration experiment

Period March 4, 2022 (Friday) - March 11, 2022 (Friday)
Subjects 38 employees of business companies that use Tokinosu as a work location, mainly in the Tokyo area
Area From the departure point (Tokyo/Yokohama) to Tokinosu
Objective To verify whether it is possible to promote a change in tourist behavior by providing an advance experience of tourist facilities in a moving vehicle, and to measure the level of satisfaction with the advance experience.


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