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A spokesperson for energy capsule "PUSH" joins "Luster7" as a streamer!


There are many energy drinks, energy tablets, energy gummies, and other energy products in the world, but Capsule Corporation's "PUSH" energy capsules stand out from the crowd.
PUSH+" contains 200mg of natural Japanese caffeine in each capsule, and the company also offers "PUSHzero", "PUSH for Work", "PUSH for Active", "PUSH for Game&", "PUSH for Energy", and "PUSH for Game&". PUSH is popular among a wide range of people.
PUSH" has deep ties to the e-sports industry, including unlimited sponsorship of small-scale online gaming tournaments, and a PUSH Twitter user has joined the professional gaming team "Luster7" as a streamer. The Twitter user of "PUSH" has joined the pro-gaming team "Luster7" as a streamer!


His love for the team is so deep that he went directly to the team!

welcome to Luster7 "鳥頭九兵衛"
Welcome to Luster7 "Torigashira Kyubei"!

The PR person for PUSH on Twitter has now joined the pro-gaming team " Luster7 " as a streamer under the name of " Kyubei Torigashira ".
PUSH" sponsors "Luster7", and "Kyubei Torigashira" loves the team so much that he asked the owner of "Luster7" directly to join the team and received his approval. His love is too deep!
Apart from PUSH, " Toriatamakyubee " also has a Twitter account (@toriatamakyubee) and a Twitch channel.
The channel is already streaming videos of the popular FPS game "Apex Legends," so be sure to watch and follow the channel.
For more information and to purchase "PUSH", please visit the official website.

What led to this announcement

Since the release of the PUSH service in January of this year, we have been working closely with the e-sports industry. We launched the "Infinite Sponsorship" program to support events that would otherwise be shut down or cancelled due to the impact of Corona, and we have sent out press releases and received many inquiries, and those who are running tournaments have contacted us saying, "Thank you so much for your support. We are still receiving many inquiries.

In this developing industry, what should we as sponsors do?

And how should we be a team that is supported by our sponsors? I feel that this is a good time to ask what we sponsors should be and what we should be like as a team to be supported.

With news of scandals in the industry, many teams and players may be feeling uneasy, and some sponsors may be feeling dissatisfied.

We hope that this announcement will be a little bit of positive news for them.
What are you thinking? That PUSH service! "
but I hope that even one of you will say to yourselves.
"It's good to have a sponsor like that."
I would be happy if even one person thinks, "That's great!

This is not a news story, we want to support the team "Luster7", its players, streamers, and owners! We want to support the Luster7 team, its players, streamers, and owners, and we feel that they are trustworthy as a sponsor and as fans.

If there are any companies interested in the e-sports industry and looking for a team to support, we will do our best to push this team.
e-sports is a growing industry, but it will take time for it to mature.
That is why I believe that we, as sponsors, need to put our energy into this industry so that it will flourish.
I feel that we need to grow together with the teams and players.


PUSH will continue to push e-sports as hard as we can!



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Easy and hard energy experience! Review push new products!...

"PUSH for work" "PUSH for active" "PUSH for GAME" appears on "PUSH+" from July 11, 2020. Surprisingly, it was possible t

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