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Tower of Fantasy" Next Update Ver. 2.2 "Kagamihana Gekkage" will be implemented on December 22! Tenran," played by Kaito Ishikawa, will also make a new appearance!

「Tower of Fantasy(幻塔)」次期アップデートVer.2.2「鏡花月影」が12月22日に実装決定!石川界人さん演じる「天琅(テンラン)」も新登場

Level Infinite 's open world RPG for PC and mobile, " Tower of Fantasy " (hereafter referred to as "Gentou"), will release its next update Ver. 2.2 " Kagamihana Gekkage " on December 22, 2022 (Thursday). The new update will be called "Kagamihana Tsukiage". The new character "Tenrang", SSR weapon "Breaking Lightning Spear", and information on new areas have also been released!

Next update Ver. 2.2 "Kagamikazuki Kagami" will be released on December 22!

Next Update Ver. 2.2 "Kag

amikazuki Kagami"


The open world RPG "Gentou", released in August 2022, will receive Ver. 2.2 "Kagamikazuki Kagami" on December 22, 2022 (Thursday ), after a series of regular updates! This will probably be the last update in 2022, and new maps and characters have been introduced at a very fast pace.

Ver. 2.2 "Kagamikazuki Kagami" opens up areas B and C of the mirror city of Mirapolis! The visuals feature a more enjoyable cyberpunk and futuristic atmosphere of Mirapolis. In addition...

  • Kagamigetsu Street
  • Villa Garden
  • Water Mirror Stand
  • Cooling Park
  • Amuse Land
  • Mirai Building
  • Kyokagakudo Rooms
  • Oasis Club

...and new facilities such as the following will also be accessible. Activities such as car races and card games, which can be enjoyed by one or more players, will be added to the game, providing even more ways to have fun outside of combat!

New Character "Tian Lang

Tenran (CV: Kaito Ishikawa



Since its release, many new characters have appeared in Gentou, such as "Cobalt," "Raby," and "Rinya," but the new "Tian Lang" is the first male character to appear for a limited time! Usually, "Tian Lang" is a mild-mannered and a little bit sloppy, but when it comes to plants, he is... A character PV featuring Tenran, including battle actions with his new weapon, the "Breaking Lightning Spear," has also been released. The video also features the convincing performance of the character's voice actor, Kaito Ishikawa (@ish_kaito).

He yawns from time to time, and although he is often thought of as sloppy, he is quite thoughtful and is not the type to express his feelings and thoughts honestly. He appears indifferent to everything, but in fact he has a kind and warm heart. He is always a mood-maker, trying to enliven the atmosphere around him. As a researcher at the Mirapolis Vegetation Research Institute, he is into flowers and plants. He is also called the "manager" because he is in charge of the care, management, and sales of the institute's plants. In fact, he is an ace-level executor in District 7 with immeasurable skills. However, very few people know his true identity, and he only works when Mirapolis is in trouble, as if he were District 7's trump card.


The "Nemesis" pickup gacha will be held from December 15!

Nemesis (CV:Haruka Tomatsu



The pickup gacha for "Nemesis," played by popular voice actress Haruka Tomatsu, and the SSR weapon "The Bright Star of the Morning" will return on December 15, 2022 (Thursday )! Nemesis is a character with the same lightning attribute as "Tian Lang".

The Twitter account of Gentou ( @ToF_JP ) is currently holding a campaign to win an autograph of Mr. Kaito Ishikawa and an Amazon gift certificate! Let's enjoy version 2.2 "Kagamikazuki Kagami" at the end of the year! For more details and updates, please visit the official Gentou website and Twitter account (@ToF_JP)!


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115268「Tower of Fantasy(幻塔)」次期アップデートVer.2.2「鏡花月影」が12月22日に実装決定!石川界人さん演じる「天琅(テンラン)」も新登場
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