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NintendoSwitch version "Nussu and Asobo! Dorobo Kindergarten "Will be released on May 5, 2022! Crowdfunding is in progress!

Nintendo Switch版「ぬすんであそぼ!ドロボー幼稚園」5月5日に発売決定!クラウドファンディング実施中!

Sonorite Inc. has developed the Nintendo Switch version of "Dorobo Kindergarten" (hereafter "Dorobo Kindergarten"), an online game with the theme of "adults who are tired of being adults can play with children without thinking about anything. (hereafter referred to as "Dorobo Kindergarten") for Nintendo Switch on Children's Day, Thursday, May 5, 2022.
Finally, good ol' grown-ups will be able to play like three-year-olds on the Nintendo Switch!

What is Dorobo Kindergarten?

CAMPFIRE Nintendo Switch版"ドロボー幼稚園"の開発支援者募集!ページ

Dorobo Kindergarten is said to be a game developed to heal the hearts and minds tired from working life and tough competitive games.

What is needed for the hearts and minds that are tired of the annoying social relationships of adults, the typical gamer shootouts, kills, and so on...

What the heart needs is a "simple game of building blocks and getting along", don't you think?

This was the idea behind the development of the game.

CAMPFIRE Nintendo Switch版"ドロボー幼稚園"の開発支援者募集!ページ

The game is a cooperative game in which players control Dorobo, a group of children made of magical nendoroid, to collect as many "otakara" (money) as possible.
The team that collects the most "otakara" wins the game, but even adults are allowed to enjoy the "free behavior of 3-year-old children" such as running around and comforting each other during the game, creating a very gentle and healing free space.

You don't have to have the right number of people to play!


You can play with your friends even if you don't have the full group.
You can play by yourself or with a few friends!

Let's post pictures of everyone playing together!


You can use the "Dorobo Kindergarten" logo, videos, and screenshots freely, so you can share your memories of the fun you had playing with others on YouTube, Twitter, and other social networking sites!

Things just keep getting more and more interesting!


Dorobo Kindergarten" will be adding new stages and new actions, so it's only going to get more fun!
This makes the Nintendo Switch version very promising!

You can even play for free!


The game is already available on Steam, where it is also available for free.
If you haven't played "Dorobo Kindergarten" yet and have a PC, why not give it a try and see what it's like?

We're looking for development supporters!

The Nintendo Switch version of "Dorobo Kindergarten" is priced at 1,730 yen (tax included) and is only available as a downloadable version.
The game will be available only as a downloadable version, and supporters are being sought on CAMPFIREfrom Friday, April 1 to Wednesday, April 20, 2022.
The purpose of this campaign is not only to raise funds for development, but also to let more people know about "Dorobo Kindergarten".
There are three different crowdfunding courses, each with different prices and returns.
The 500 yen "Super Support Course" allows you to have your name in the credits, while the 1,500 yen "Purchase at a discount" course allows you to get the Switch version of the game code at a discount in addition to the credits.
The 1,500 yen "Limited Quantity Course " will give you a chance to get a limited edition acrylic keychain for Comiket 99 in addition to the credit and the Switch version game code.
Let's support "Dorobo Kindergarten" for Nintendo Switch!
For more information, check out the official "Dorobo Kindergarten" website or"Dorobo Kindergarten" official Twitter!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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