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Kyushu Culture and Fashion Center To Open New Fukuoka School in Hakata From April 2024


Vantan, whose vision is "to create the world's closest school to society," has announced that it will open its Fukuoka School in April 2024.
Vantan operates 14 specialized schools in Japan's three largest cities, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and its Nagoya school, which opened in 2021, has been gaining momentum in recent years, with enrollment 1.2 times greater than the number of openings.


About Vantan


Founded in 1965, Vantan provides specialized education in a wide range of fields, including fashion, hair and makeup, beauty, graphic design, film and video, games, e-sports, animation, patissier, cooking, programming, and creators and influencers in the entertainment field. We provide professional education with a focus on practical training in a wide range of fields, such as creators and influencers in the entertainment field.
Students who have enrolled in the school have said, "I had a strong desire to work in a creative field, so I am glad to have an environment where I can learn.

Fukuoka School Opens in Hakata, the Center of Culture and Fashion in Kyushu

Fukuoka School to be opened

The Nagoya school is also planning to open a new "Venus Academy" in Nagoya, and the opening of the Fukuoka school is based on the successes of such schools in regional cities.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's " Basic School Survey 2021," Fukuoka City is the fourth largest area in Japan in terms of both the number of students and enrollment in vocational schools.
Vantan believes that the future of the Fukuoka area, with the "Tenjin Big Bang" and other large-scale urban developments and the opening of a new office in Fukuoka City by one of GAFAM's Japanese subsidiaries, will create many opportunities for students who have acquired specialized knowledge to be active in their respective fields after graduation.

The new school to open in Fukuoka will be...

  • Vantan Game Academy
  • Vantan Game Academy High School
  • Vantan Techford Academy
  • Vantan Techford Academy High School
  • Venus Academy
  • Venus Academy High School

Six schools.
In Fukuoka City in particular, the number of applicants in the industrial and information fields of games and tech, as well as the beauty field, has been increasing in recent years, and the company says it can offer courses that meet their needs.
In Fukuoka City, there are few e-sports courses offered by Vantan Game Academy and beauty influencer courses offered by Venus Academy, so there are high expectations for this new educational opportunity for students living in Fukuoka and Kyushu.

Vantan's curriculum, which focuses on practical education, features professional creators who are active in the industry as lecturers to nurture young people with specialized knowledge and the ability to work immediately.
Although the names of the lecturers have not been revealed at this time, Fukuoka is well known for the activities of the professional gaming team " Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Gaming " and the " Fukuoka eSports Association " in the field of e-sports, so it is possible that cooperation with such companies and organizations will take place. There is a possibility that cooperation with such companies and organizations will take place.
Details on the curriculum and instructors of each school can be found on the official websites of Vantan Game Academy, Vantan Game Academy High School, Vantan Techford Academy, Vantan Techford Academy High School,Venus Academy, andVenus Academy High School, respectively. Outline

Name of Fukuoka location Vantan Fukuoka School Preparatory Office
Fukuoka Location Regus SPACES Hakata Ekimae (Across Cube Hakata Ekimae, 3-4-25 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
Schools Opened Vantan Game Academy
Fields: game production, character design, e-sports
Courses: Game Programming Comprehensive, Character Design Comprehensive, eSports Comprehensive
Vantan Techford Academy
Fields: IT, Entrepreneurship
Course Title: IT Comprehensive
Venus Academy
Field: Beauty
Course Name: Total Beauty


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