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Avex Establishes New Company "Virtual Avex Co., Ltd."

エイベックスが新会社「バーチャル・エイベックス株式会社」を設立 バーチャルエンタメ事業を本格化

Avex Business Development, Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Shinsuke Kato, President & CEO; hereinafter "ABD") announced today the establishment of Virtual Avex, Inc. (ABD) announced today the establishment ofVirtual Avex, Inc.on August 5, 2021 (Thursday ), which will specialize in the virtual entertainment business.
The new company will maximize the functions and know-how of Avex in the entertainment field, aiming to maximize the virtual entertainment business, for which demand has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Prospects for Virtual Avex, Inc.

Virtual Artist "Manarisu" to Make Major Debut July 7 on avex trax

(Adapted from the release)

Since August 2018, ABD has been producing virtual artists such as Marinasu, who is known for her dance performance, as well as planning and producing the online virtual idol festival " Life Like a Live! (ERSRI) & quot;, an online virtual idol festival that has been viewed by a total of approximately 100,000 viewers.
( Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naofumi Yoshida; hereafter "Digital Motion"), which provides real-time lighting, special effects (fireworks, confetti, etc.), and camera work. We have produced a large number of high-quality videos and live broadcasts, and have been embodying a sense of realism in virtual live performances that rivals that of live performances by real artists.

Life Like a Live!
Online virtual idol festival "Life Like a Live!

With the recent evolution of technology and the growing online demand for the Corona disaster, the market for virtual entertainment is expected to expand even further. In response to this trend, we have established a new company with our partner company Digital Motion Corporation, which has supported Virtual Live's system development since the beginning of our business. By combining Digital Motion's system development capabilities with ABD's planning and production capabilities, we will promote the virtual entertainment business with an even stronger structure.

In the future, we will promote the activities of virtual artists, including existing animation and game characters owned by publishers and other IP holders, as well as artists and celebrities who exist in real life, and promote the virtualization of real artists' live events and festivals to create new entertainment experiences. The new company will also promote the virtualization of real-life artists' live events and festivals, and deliver excitement and enthusiasm as a new entertainment experience, using virtual expressions.

New Company Profile

New Company Profile
Company name Virtual Avex, Inc.
Representative Shinsuke Kato, President and Representative Director
Location Avex Building, 3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment August 5, 2021
Business Activities Production and management of virtual artists, as well as planning and production of videos, live broadcasts, and live shows

Digital Motion Company Profile

Digital Motion Company Profile
Company Name Virtual Avex, Inc.
Representative Naofumi Yoshida, Representative Director
Address 3F VORT Yotsuya Sakamachi Building, 12-22 Yotsuya-Sakamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established January 24, 2018
Line of Business Animation production using 3DCG such as MAYA and motion capture / Animation production using 2D morphing such as Adobe After Effect, Live2D, Spine, etc.

Receiving the expansion of the virtual entertainment market

virtual avex trax inc.

The virtual entertainment business and related businesses have been attracting a high level of attention among businesses that have started in recent years.
ANYCOLOR Corporation, which operates the " NIJISANJI " smartphone application that allows anyone to easily distribute as a 2DCG virtual driver and the virtual driver group of the same name, and COVER Corporation, which operates hololive production s and develops VR/AR live distribution systems, are among those in the industry. Ltd., which operates hololive productions and develops VR/AR live-streaming systems, and other companies that are gaining momentum in the industry.
It will be interesting to see how the newly established " Virtual Avex, Inc. " will expand its business and whether it will become a driving force in the virtual entertainment business.


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