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ZETA DIVISION" signed a sponsorship agreement with "Red Bull" and is holding a campaign to win a signed uniform.

「ZETA DIVISION」が「Red Bull」とのスポンサー契約を締結、サイン入りユニフォームが当たるキャンペーンも開催中

ZETA DIVISION, a gaming lifestyle brand with many e-sports teams such as Valorant and Brosta, has announced a sponsorship agreement with Red Bull, an energy drink brand.

ZETA DIVISION x Red Bull Sponsorship Agreement

ZETA DIVISION, a gaming lifestyle brand, and Red Bull, an energy drink brand, have signed a sponsorship agreement. A collaboration video featuring TENNN, ta1yo, and Yuta Seki is now available.

Background of the sponsorship agreement

Red Bull is known for developing and supporting out-of-the-box and challenging content in many genres such as action sports, motorsports, and e-sports. Recently, the company released a video of the world's fastest drone filming an F1 car running at full speed, which became a topic of conversation.

Red Bull, which continues to take on challenges, is the ideal of the "ZETA DIVISION," which aims to "create a new gaming culture. ZETA DIVISION has released the following comments.

We are confident that this sponsorship will create an unparalleled synergy between ZETA DIVISION and ZETA DIVISION, which is taking on the challenge of becoming a global e-sports brand originating from Japan. ZETA DIVISION and Red Bull will not only support the team's activities, but will also plan various initiatives for the enjoyment of the community. Please keep an eye on our website for more information.


Support ZETA DIVISION with Red Bull! Campaign

レッドブルと一緒にZETA DIVISIONを応援しよう!キャンペーン"ZETA DIVISION"公式サイト

To commemorate the sponsorship agreement between ZETA DIVISION and Red Bull, 100 people in total will win a "Special Kit with Red Bull x ZETA DIVISION Limited Edition Sticker" campaign. In addition, five winners will receive a new uniform autographed by Red Bull.

特別キット"ZETA DIVISION"公式サイト

To enter, simply follow the official Red Bull Gaming X (@RedBullGamingJP ) and ZETA DIVISION official X (@zetadivision ) and repost the post to be entered. The campaign will run from Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 0:00 PM to Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 11:59 PM! For the terms and conditions of entry, please visit the official "Red Bull" website.


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