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Supervised by professional gamers! Game peripheral manufacturer Alone Releases "Electric Lifting Type 140cm Gaming Desk"!

プロゲーマー監修!ゲーム周辺機器メーカーのアローンから「電動昇降式140cm ゲーミングデスク」が発売!

Alone, a video game peripheral manufacturer, has released a 140cm gaming desk that can be raised and lowered electrically and has a special desk mat, both of which were created with the input of the professional gaming team " Crest Gaming ", which they sponsor.

Let's take a look at the features of the desk supervised by professional gamers!

Flexible layout!


The wide 140cm width provides plenty of work space for two 24-inch monitors!
In addition, there is a recess in the back of the desk for running cables, as well as two wiring holes for flexible layout!
In addition, the top panel of the desk is made of a luxurious carbon tone material with a black base color, which adds a stylish touch to the atmosphere of your room!

Motorized elevation to your preferred height!


The "Electric Raise and Lower 140cm Gaming Desk" can be adjusted to your preferred height from 72cm ( standard desk height ) to 117cm ( ideal for standing)!
You can even register your favorite height, so you can try changing the height to find the best position!

Plenty of accessories!


It comes with a drink holder, a headphone stand, and a power strip storage box to keep those annoying desk cables organized!
We're glad to see that it's supervised by a professional gamer, and that it comes with these essential accessories for comfortable gameplay!

Exclusive desk mat also available!



Exclusive desk mats (5 types in total) for this desk are also available!
They are designed to be full-size, the same size as the top panel, and fit with wiring holes, etc.!
Stitching prevents the edges from fraying and turning up, and the rubber material on the back prevents slipping!
The stitching prevents fraying and edge flipping, and the rubberized back prevents slipping!

Now on sale for 39,800 yen!

電動昇降式140cm ゲーミングデスク
Electric Lifting 140cm Gaming Desk

The "Electric Raising 140cm Gaming Desk" will be on sale at Amazon.co.jp and Alone Official Shop from August 10, 2022 for 39,800 yen (tax included)!
In addition, an exclusive desk mat is available for 3,960 yen (including tax).
For details, please check the official Alone website.

Product Outline
Name Electric Lifting 140cm Gaming Desk
Model number ALG-GMDEL
Size Width 140cm, Depth 60cm, Height 72-117cm
Electricity Rating AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Load capacity 80kg
Top panel Carbon-like wooden top panel
Material Legs: Steel, Top board: Wood
Accessories Drink holder, Headphone stand, Power strip storage box
Desk Price 39,800 yen (including tax)
Desk mat price 3,960 yen (including tax)


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