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Handheld Only: The Nintendo Switch Lite Just Announced!

Handheld Only: The Nintendo Switch Lite Just Announced!

The rumored "entry model" Nintendo Switch has officially been announced!

With the official name, Nintendo Switch Lite, the portable device will be available for pre-order starting August 30th, and it set to be released on September 20th.

Switch Gone Completely Mobile

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Official Product Info - Nintendo

We assumed that the Nintendo Switch Lite would have less features included than the regular model, but it's a bit of a surprise that neither of the signature TV mode or Tabletop mode will be available. See below for some details about the new system.

  • Output to an eternal screen isn't available
  • One machine with no removable controllers
  • The circular direction buttons have been changed into the classing directional pad
  • No IR Motion Camera or HD Rumble
  • Software that requires the Joy-Con can be played if the player has them
  • Lighter than the Nintendo Switch
  • Screen size has decreased from the Nintendo Switch
  • Battery life is longer than that of the Nintendo Switch

Play with the Joy-Con and Pro Controller is possible, but since there's no stand for Tabletop mode, the purchase of a separate stand is necessary.
The Nintendo Switch Lite is, however, compatible with the official Nintendo Switch Charging Stand, so for those wishing to play Joy-Con compatible games, we definitely recommend the Switch charging stand.

But, just like us, we're sure everyone's happy about the revival of the directional pad.

Three Color Variations

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Topics | Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Lite will come in three colors.

  • Turquoise
  • Gray
  • Yellow

Pokemon Sword and Shield Limited Edition

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Buy Now Page

In addition to the basic colors, the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition which incorporates the colors of the new titles' legendary Pokemon will be available on November 8th!

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite Comparison

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Price $299.99 MSRP $199.99 MSRP
Play Modes TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Portable Mode Portable Mode Only
Avilable Software All Nintendo Switch Software Nintendo Switch Software available for use in Mobile Mode
(With some restrictions)
Included Controllers 1 Joy-Con Set Not Included
(HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera Unsupported)
Nintendo Switch Dock Included Not Compatible With Nintendo Switch Dock
Sensor Accelerometer / Gyro Sensor / Brightness Sensor Accelerometer / Gyro Sensor
Size H: 4 in., W: 9.4 in., D: .55 in. H: 3.6 in., W: 8.2 in., D: .55 in.
Weight Approximately .88 lbs Approximately .61 lbs
Screen Size 6.2 inches 5.5 inches
Internal Battery 4310 mAh Li-ion Battery 3570 mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Life Approximately 2.5〜6.5 hours Approximately 3.0〜7.0 Hours

For a lighter weight and a hundred dollars cheaper, we're thinking we can look past lack of an external output. But, with longer battery life, players who already have a Nintendo Switch might even be able to consider the Lite as a sub-driver, taking it out whilel eaving the other Switch at home.

The CPU specs haven't been made public, but hopefully there isn't too much (if any) of a difference! Hopefully we'll be able to test it out when it releases.

Another Handheld Portable... So what happens to the 3DS and 2DS?

The Nintendo Switch made its mark by being a new type of console that you could play like a traditional console and even take with you, but with the Switch Lite, in which portability is your only option, how can someone decide between buying the 3DS XL and the new Nintendo Switch Lite?

The New Nintendo 3DS XL goes for $199.99, as does the Nintendo Switch Lite. With no price difference, it makes it a bit difficult to make a decision, but that decision would definitely get a lot easier if the Nintendo Switch Lite included a UCB-C to HDMI output.


Message from Nintendo

We recommend the Nintendo Switch Lite for those who take their Switch out of the house or share their Switch amongst those in their family, and even those who want to expereince multiplayer with other Switch users. (Translated From Japanese)

Nintendo News Release

It seems like instead of trageting new customers, Nintendo is going for players that already have a Switch in their possession, but there's no reason for those of you who don't have a switch to not buy the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Compatible Games

Nintendo also released an announcement in regards to what games would be playable on the Nintendo Switch Lite, stating that because the system is a single body, games which require features of the Joy-Con controllers (such as HD Rumble and movement controls), or games that don't support handheld mode will not be supported on the system, so definitely be sure to check before making a purchase.


How To Check for Handheld Mode

Handheld Mode
Handheld Mode
Hw to Check for Handheld Mode Compatibility (Top: Compatible, Bottom: Incompatible)

Games that are purchased in a package will have the "handheld mode" icon on the back, and compatibility is listed on the purchase page in the Nintendo eShop.

Pre-orders start August 30th with release on September 20th!

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

Normal Nintendo Switch Lite colors will be available for pre-order on August 30th with release on September 20th, but those of you wishing to get the Zacian and Zamazenta special edition can now reserve your own, with systems shipping out on November 11th.

Be sure to check the Official Nintendo Site for details!

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