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AMD Unveils "Ryzen Pro 3000", The Latest CPU

AMD Unveils

"AMD", a leading semiconductor manufacturer in the United States, has announced the second generation of its new "Ryzen Pro 3000" and "Athlon PRO 300U CPU" series, which are specialized for mobile products such as laptops.

With Radeon Vega graphics, mobile products such as laptops, which are gaining market share, will provide a more comfortable working environment.

It also has a built-in security processor for improved security.

In e-sports, the demand for laptops in the playing and distribution environment is increasing, and we expect this product to play an active role in the field.

Ryzen PRO 3000/Athlon PRO 300U Series Specifications

The specifications of each product are as follows

Ryzen PRO 3000/Athlon PRO 300U Series
Product Core
thread count
Maximum clock
L2+L3 cache Graphics GPU core Maximum
GPU clock
Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U 4C/8T 2.3/4GHz 6MB Vega 10core 1,400MHz 15W
Ryzen 5 PRO 3500U 4C/8T 2.1/3.7GHz 6MB Vega 8core 1,200MHz 15W
Ryzen 3 PRO 3300U 4C/4T 2.1/3.5GHz 6MB Vega 6core 1,200MHz 15W
Athlon PRO 300U 2C/4T 2.4/3.3GHz 5MB Vega 3core 1,000MHz 15W

The product will be available for HP and Lenovo products during the second quarter of 2019, and for other platforms during 2019.

More details are available on AMD's official website.

"Endeavor Pro9050a" with AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors is now available!
"Endeavor Pro9050a" with AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors is now available!...

Epson direct corporation of Epson group began to sell "Endeavor Pro9050a" from September 22 newly from the Pro series which is a flag ship of the Ende

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