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"Endeavor Pro9050a" with AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors is now available!

AMD Ryzen 5000シリーズ・プロセッサーを搭載した「Endeavor Pro9050a」が登場!

Epson Direct Corporation, a member of the Epson Group, has launched the Endeavor Pro9050a, the flagship of the Endeavor Pro series, on September 22.

Features of the Endeavor Pro9050a

PCI Express Gen4 compatible with the latest AMD B550 chipset

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9050a"製品サイト

The AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors are currently in the spotlight, allowing users to concentrate on their work without stress, even in demanding environments.
The model supports PCI Express Gen4, which has been adopted from the 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors, so it can maximize the performance of the graphics board and M.2 SSD.

High-end graphics boards are supported and can be selected according to the production environment.

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9050a"製品サイト

A wide range of graphics boards are available to suit various creative production environments, such as RAW development, illustration, video processing, and VR.
Users can choose from NVIDIA GeForce RTX series, Quadro series, and others.

Original design with enhanced robustness for fixing heavy graphics boards

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9050a"製品サイト

With the increase in graphics processing performance, the graphics board occupies 1.5 times wider slots and weighs 1.3 times more than the previous models.
The Endeavor Pro9050a is therefore equipped with a "board lock bracket" that holds the board between the top and bottom slots.
The PCI slot on the rear side of the PC case, which is subject to the greatest load, is secured with screws to increase reliability and prevent malfunctions due to distortion of the terminals or poor contact caused by load.

Flexible storage configuration to match the work process

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9050a"製品サイト

The system can be equipped with a maximum of five M.2 SSDs or four HDD/SSDs, depending on the application, and can be managed and removed for each project.
RAID 1 can also be selected to meet a variety of needs, including secure data storage.

Superior airflow to minimize performance degradation

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9050a"製品サイト

The Pro Series enclosure provides an airflow structure that allows each device to perform at its full potential.
With FAN control linked to the system load status, the airflow design draws in outside air from the front, sends it inside the chassis, and exhausts it to the rear to achieve efficient cooling of the entire system.

Recommended for creative workers!

This is a highly recommended product for creative professionals, as it allows for non-stress work in high-load environments and easy storage management!
The Endeavor is available for order through Epson Direct Shop and Call Center (0120-545-101).
For more information, check out the Endeavor Pro9050a product website and specifications/manuals!

"Endeavor Pro9050a"
"Endeavor Pro9100"製品サイト

The " Endeavor Pro9100 " with Intel Core X series is also available.
Please check out the Endeavor Pro9050a product site.

Product Specifications

Model Name Endeavor Pro9050a Endeavor Pro9100
OS Windows 10 Home 64bit Windows 10 Home 64bit
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Processor
(6 cores/3.7GHz)
Intel Core i9-10900X Processor
(10 cores/3.7GHz)
Power supply 650W 650W
Chipset AMD B550 chipset Intel X299 chipset
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB
Memory 16.0GB (8.0GB x 2) PC4-3200
8.0GB (8.0GB x 1) PC4-2933
Storage 1TB HDD Serial ATA 600MB/s compatible
1TB HDD Serial ATA 600MB/s
Optical Disk Drive DVD-ROM Drive Serial ATA Compatible DVD-ROM drive Serial ATA capable
Price for the above configuration 181,940 yen (tax included, shipping not included) 306,900 yen (tax included, shipping not included)


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