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Ideal for Women and Children! Compact size gaming chair "EPIC COMPACT" released!

Ideal for Women and Children! Compact size gaming chair

Gaming chairs are becoming increasingly sought after in a variety of environments.
Most products are for adult men, but in recent years demand has also increased for smaller people such as women and children.
For you, the German gaming chair brand "noblechairs" has introduced a new compact series called "EPIC COMPACT"!

ゲーミングチェアブランド「noblechairs」が「WHITE EDITION ホワイトエディション」の発売を開始!

Compact, beautiful and versatile -EPIC COMPACT


The new "EPIC COMPACT" series maintains the beautiful design of noblechairs' standard "EPIC" model, but is compactly designed to fit a wide range of users, from 125 to 170 cm in height.
The Eco Synthetic Leather model, made of German-made soft leather, is available in three colors: red, blue, and black, which are well-known in the gaming industry.
Plus, there's a Fabric model with a sofa-like feel, so your choices are varied!

Racing style for easy seating!


The unique racing car-like form supports the body, wrapping around the head and shoulders.
It's perfect for desk work, including long hours of study or computer work, not to mention PC games!
Also, the seat is seamlessly put together without any stitching or unevenness, giving it a simple and smooth impression.
Gentle to the touch and firm to the hold, the seat is easy to clean with a brush or wipe!

Seat depth to the best position!


By moving the seat back and forth while pulling the lever on the left side up, you can adjust the seat depth by as much as 6 cm!
This feature is often seen in higher priced office chairs, but is quite rare for a gaming chair.
Find the best position for yourself so that your legs do not swell because the seat depth is too long, or on the other hand, you do not feel cramped because the seat is too narrow!
For more details, please visit the "EPIC COMPACT" product page!

Product Overview
Name EPIC COMPACT (Eco Synthetic Leather) EPIC COMPACT - TX (Fabric)
Brand noblechairs
Color Black
Charcoal gray
Main unit size Approx. 1120-1220 x 620 x 620mm
Main unit weight Approx. 23.3kg Approx. 22.7kg
Recommended load capacity 120kg
Suggested retail price $519 $489
Product page https://www.noblechairs.com/epic-compact-series/gaming-chair-synthetic-leather
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