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"HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition", a gaming chair in collaboration with the popular game "Fallout" series from noblechairs, is released!

noblechairsから大人気ゲーム「Fallout」シリーズとコラボしたゲーミングチェア「HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition」が発売!

" noblechairs " is a gaming chair brand established in Germany in 2015.
The design is inspired by the driving seat of a German luxury car, creating a unique world view that is different from that of ordinary office chairs.
The quality and sophisticated design of the products, which are made without compromise down to the finest materials, have gained the support of a wide range of users, including professional gamers, university professors, and doctors, transcending the boundaries of the gaming industry.
Noblechairs has recently signed an official license agreement with Bethesda Softworks, an American game developer.
The game is a collaboration with the " Fallout " series, which depicts a post-nuclear apocalypse developed by Bethesda Softworks, and the " HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition " is now available for purchase.
The game will be sold in Japan by ArcSight, Inc.


Features of HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition

The HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition is boldly designed with the symbol of Vault-Tec, the nuclear shelter company at the center of the Fallout series.
The Vault-Tec mascot, the Vault Boy, which is also the mascot of the game itself, the Vault-Tec logo, and the in-game slogan, " PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE," are all featured in the same light blue and lemon yellow color scheme as the game itself. The Vault-Tec logo and the slogan "PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE" are vividly displayed in light blue and lemon yellow.

The Vault-Tec logo glows gold.

Vault-Tec logo glowing in gold

The Vault-Tec logo, which appears throughout the Fallout series, is engraved on the backrest and head.
The large high-back style supports the head, shoulders, and hips.

Vault Boy is also happy to sit on HERO!

HEROに座ったVault BoyがThums up
Vault Boy sitting on HERO thums up

The mascot character Vault Boy's thumbs up is stitched prominently on the front and back.
On the back, he is also sitting on HERO, which is adorable.
Vault-Tec's slogan "PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE" is also embroidered below Vault Boy.

Feels like genuine leather

Polyurethane resin leather feels as soft as genuine leather

The surface that touches the skin is made of soft and supple synthetic leather (polyurethane resin leather).
The leather has a cowhide-like grain finish, giving it a moist feel like genuine leather.

Oversized armrests support even huge bodies.

Wide armrests with 4-way adjustment

The top surface is flatter and wider than the EPIC and ICON gaming chair series developed by noblechairs.
In addition to its outstanding strength and stability, the chair features four-way (up/down, back/forth, left/right, and diagonal) adjustment, a soft top surface, and removable specifications.

Built-in lumbar support to enhance the fit of the lower back

Adjustable waist swell with the turn of a dial

One of the unique features of the HERO series used in this collaborative model is the dial-type lumbar support stored inside the backrest.
By turning the dial, the lumbar portion of the backrest expands back and forth, allowing the user to adjust it to the desired position.

Sturdy and stable seating comfort

Each piece of urethane is individually molded for durability.

The seat and back cushions are made of resilient high-density molded urethane.
The moderate resilience ensures that the body does not sink into the cushions, providing a stable seating comfort.
The use of molded urethane also makes the chair highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The "HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition" has all the features of a high-quality gaming chair, while the embroidery throughout adds a touch of cuteness.
It is a must-have for Fallout lovers.
For more information on the product, please refer to the product information on Arcite, Inc.

HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition" Specifications
Brand Name noblechairs
Product Name HERO Fallout Vault-Tec Edition
Model number nbl-hlo-pu-fvt-sgl (4251442503765)
Body Size Approx. 1275-1340 x 670 x 550mm
Packing size Approx. 900 x 690 x 380mm
Main unit weight Approx. 29kg
Packing weight Approx. 33kg
Recommended weight capacity 150kg* The load capacity is only a guide and does not guarantee the safety and durability of the product even if the weight is less than that.
Material Upholstery: PU leather
Frame: Steel
Legs: Aluminum
Cushioning material: Molded polyurethane (cold foam), memory foam
Armrests: Polyurethane
Casters: Nylon/polyurethane
Accessories Instruction Manual, Warranty Card
Manufacturer's website URL https://www.noblechairs.com/
Warranty period 1 year from the date of purchase (warranty card required)
Suggested retail price Open price


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