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The first model in Japan, "HERO", is now on sale from german gaming chair brand noblechairs.


noblechairs " is a German gaming chair brand for which Archesight Inc. serves as an authorized importer and distributor.
The brand was established in Germany in 2015 by Caseking, one of the largest PC trading companies in Germany, with the belief of creating the ideal gaming chair.
The brand offers an elegant and refined chair experience by focusing on materials and uncompromising attention to detail, and won the European Hardware Awards in the gaming chair category for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. It has won the European Hardware Awards in the gaming chair category for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019.
The first " HERO " model from noblechairs in Japan will go on sale on May 20, 2020 (Wednesday ).

Introduction of "HERO," the first model to be released in Japan

The new "HERO" model is the largest gaming chair in the series' history, with a sporty, curvy design that creates a stately yet graceful silhouette that gives the chair a sleek personality.

Backrest with built-in low-resilience cushion

Oversized backrests
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

The backrest is shaped to follow the human silhouette, with a large high-back style that comfortably supports the head, shoulders, and hips.
The HERO series has a low rebound cushion called memory foam built into the head to provide high cushioning.

Oversized armrests

Oversized armrests
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

This model has a flatter and wider top surface than the "EPIC" and "ICON" series sold by the same brand.
It supports arms firmly with outstanding strength and stability. As with the other series, the four-way (up/down, back/forth, left/right, and diagonal) adjustment function, soft top surface, and removable specifications are still available.

Built-in lumbar support enhances the fit of the lower back.

Integrated lumbar support
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

Unique to "HERO," a dial-type lumbar support is housed inside the backrest.
By turning the dial, the lumbar portion of the backrest swells back and forth, allowing the user to adjust it to the desired position, further enhancing the lumbar fit.

Stable seating comfort commensurate with the weight

Provides stable seating comfort
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

The seat and back cushions are made of resilient, high-density molded urethane. Unlike ordinary mass-produced urethane, this molded urethane is made by injecting raw materials into a mold one by one, making it a highly durable material that does not easily wear out.
Molded urethane provides a stable seating comfort without body sinking due to its moderate resilience.

Use of steel frame

Steam frame for firm support
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

The recommended load capacity of HERO is 150 kg. By using a sturdy steel frame for the framework, it has excellent robustness unlike low-priced office chairs.

Adjustment of seat height to suit the Japanese market

Uses a gas cylinder that is shorter than Western models
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

The new "HERO" is sized to meet the needs of the Japanese market by using a gas cylinder that is shorter than those of the US and European models.
The seat height is adjustable from 45cm to 51.5cm, allowing the user to sit at a height that is comfortable for them.

Large recliner

Reclining function that can be folded down to 125°.
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

By pulling the lever on the seat, the angle of the backrest can be adjusted from 90° to 125°.
The backrest can be tilted vertically when you are concentrating on your desk, and can be tilted down quickly when you need to take a break and relax.

Cradle-like comfort with the rocking function

Rocking function for relaxation
アーキサイト HERO製品情報

The seat and backrest move in tandem with the rocking mechanism ( up to 11° ), providing a relaxing cradle-like experience.
The rocking stopper allows the chair to be locked at any desired angle, and the firmness can be adjusted by turning the adjuster.

A variety of variations available in five colors

The seat and back are available in five different colors, with different stitching and logo colors on the cushions.

HERO Black
HERO Black
アーキサイト HERO製品情報
アーキサイト HERO製品情報
アーキサイト HERO製品情報
アーキサイト HERO製品情報
HERO White
HERO White
アーキサイト HERO製品情報
HERO Product Specifications
Brand name noblechairs
Color: Model No. (JAN code) Black: NBL-HRO-PU-BLA-SGL (4251442502126)

Blue: NBL-HRO-PU-BBL-SGL (4251442502119)

Gold: NBL-HRO-PU-GOL-SGL (4251442502157)

White: NBL-HRO-PU-BPW-SGL (4251442502133)
Main unit size Approx. 1275-1340 x 670 x 550mm
Packing size Approx. 900 x 690 x 380mm
Main unit weight Approx. 29kg
Packing weight Approx. 33kg
Recommended load capacity 150kg
Material Upholstery: PU leather

Frame: Steel

Legs: Aluminum

Cushioning material: Molded urethane (cold foam), memory foam

Backrest, attached cushion: Velour

Armrests: Polyurethane

Casters: Nylon / Polyurethane
Warranty period 1 year from the date of purchase (warranty card required)
Suggested retail price Open price

High-quality gaming chairs that make "sitting" a high-quality experience

In addition to the "HERO" model introduced here, noblechairs offers various other series of gaming chairs.
All of these series have a luxurious feel and allow you to rest your body firmly, so we can recommend them to many people, regardless of whether you are a gamer or not.
If you spend a lot of time sitting in a chair when you work from home and suffer from back pain, or if you are thinking about purchasing a high-quality working chair of a higher rank, why not give it a try?
You can check the details of other series on noblechairs official website.


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