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The dream portable game compatible machine "Analogue Pocket" finally announces the start of reservations!

夢の携帯ゲーム互換機「Analogue Pocket」が遂に予約開始を発表!

Analogue Pocket ", a portable game compatibility device that we introduced on Saiga NAK last year.
It looks like a Game Boy, but it can run not only Game Boy, but also Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges, as well as Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Atari Lynx cartridges with the use of an adapter (sold separately). It's a dream game console!
At the time of the announcement, no release date had been announced, but now additional information has been released!

Tons of Retro Games in the Palm of Your Hand - Analogue Pocket set for 2020 Release

We are pleased to announce the following additional useful features!

Analogue Pocket
Analogue Pocket
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

The basic performance of the "Analogue Pocket" is high spec as we previously reported!
A digital audio workstation with built-in synthesizer and sequencer for clearer sound reproduction.
The 3.5-inch screen has a resolution of 615 ppi (1600 x 1440 ), 10 times the resolution of the original Game Boy.
And it's rechargeable, so no need for tons of AA and AAA batteries!
The built-in " Nanoloop " composition tool allows users to compose music as well as play games.

The newly announced additional feature is the " Sleep & Wake" function.

Sleep & Wake
Sleep & Wake
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

Pressing the power button interrupts the game and puts the device into a low-power sleep mode. Pressing the power button again will immediately resume the game from where it left off.
This is a simple but nice feature, as there are many times when you cannot stop the game at the right moment, such as when you are on the move.

While it is a pleasure to be able to display the games of the past beautifully on a high-performance display, there are probably some fans of the past who are selfish and feel that the games are too beautiful and do not capture the atmosphere of the past.
For those people, the " Original Display Modes " are included to recreate the image quality of those days!

Original Display Modes
Original Display Modes
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

Playing the game with the original Game Boy's colors and quality will bring back vivid memories of those days!

You can also create your own games for "Analogue Pocket"!

GB Studio
GB Studio
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

The game is partnered with "GB Studio", which allows you to create retro games easily by drag & drop, so you can make your own game into a reality even if you don' t know anything about programming!

Additional accessories to be announced!

Analogue Dock
Analogue Dock
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

Analogue Pocket" also comes with a wide range of accessories.
In addition to the previously announced " Analogue Dock," a dedicated dock for output to monitors and TVs, and adapters for Game Gear, NeoGeo Pocket, and Atari Lynx, new accessories have also been announced.

First of all, the " Pocket Hard Case " for safe transportation.

Pocket Hard Case
Pocket Hard Case
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

The "Pocket Hard Case" is a must-have accessory to safely carry your console and cartridges in a hard case, as they are very important.

And the " Pocket to Pocket Link Cable " for the "Analogue Pocket"!

Pocket to Pocket Link Cable
PPocket to Pocket Link Cable
"Analogue Pocket"製品ページ

This is a reproduction of the communication cable that was essential for two players to play against each other or cooperate with each other on the handheld game consoles of the time! This is the kind of thing that tickles the hearts of fans.

Various other accessories such as screen protector sheets and cables for Nanoloop have also been announced, so you can get everything you need for your own use!

Pre-order starts on August 4 (Japan time)!

"Analogue Pocket" will be available for pre-order on August 3, 2020 at 20:00 PST! It will be available in two colors, Black and White, and priced at US$199.99.
Pre-orders will begin at 13:00 Japan time on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.
The accessories such as "Analogue Dock" and "Pocket Hard Case" will also be available for pre-order on the same day!
The delivery date is scheduled for May 2021, which is a bit far away, but if you want to be sure of getting one, we recommend you to make your reservation as early as possible.
The "Analogue Pocket" is a must-have dream console for retro game fans!
For more information on the Analogue Pocket, please visit the product page, and for the product lineup, please visit the official Analogue website.


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