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RGB controller ASUS "ROG Aura Terminal" that changes the way of glow depending on the color of the screen display

画面表示の色によって光り方が変化するRGBコントローラー ASUS「ROG Aura Terminal」登場

ASUS Japan, Ltd. announced the ROG Aura Terminal, an RGB controller compatible with ROG Halo and Aura Sync, from its gaming brand "ROG".

Increasing the sense of realism with light effects

ROG Aura Terminal
ROG Aura Terminal

ROG Aura Terminal" is an RGB controller that can control the color and direction of light emitted from connected LED strips.
LED strips can be attached to any location to create the desired lighting.
By attaching it to the back of the display and using it as indirect lighting, you can enhance the atmosphere and realism of the game.
The "ROG Aura Terminal" comes with two 30cm LED slips and one 60cm LED slip, so it can be connected from the day of purchase.

ROG Halo & Aura Sync Support

The most distinctive feature of the ROG Aura Terminal is its support for ROG Halo and Aura Sync.

ROG Halo
ROG Halo
"ROG Aura Terminal"製品ページ

ROG Halo " analyzes the content from a PC with a discrete GPU and determines the average color values of the various areas projected on the screen, and the connected LED strips can be made to glow in a way that matches the screen.
The color and illumination of the LED strips can be adjusted to match the game or video scene for an even more realistic experience.

Since it is " Aura Sync " compatible, the LED patterns can be synchronized with other "Aura Sync" compatible devices.

ROG Aura Terminal
ROG Aura Terminal
"ROG Aura Terminal"製品ページ

In addition to the above, the LED strip can be set to any desired light pattern from the settings screen, making it possible to create an infinite number of light patterns depending on the location and settings of the LED strip.

Compact body

ROG Aura Terminal
ROG Aura Terminal
"ROG Aura Terminal"製品ページ

The main body of ROG Aura Terminal is a black brushed aluminum body with a compact design measuring 100mm (depth) x 70mm (width) x 20mm (height), so it can be placed anywhere without feeling out of place.
It is also compatible with general 2.5" SSD mounting brackets, so it can be installed in a PC case's dry bay.

Release date and price

"ROG Aura Terminal" will be released on January 24, 2020 (Friday ). The price is open price.
It is no exaggeration to say that LEDs are an important factor in enhancing the sense of presence and immersion when playing games.
The ROG Aura Terminal, which supports "ROG Halo" and "Aura Sync," allows users to freely create light effects for a more satisfying gameplay experience.
For more information, please visit the ROG Aura Terminal product page.

ROG Aura Terminal" Overview
Features Aura Software support
Halo Software support
4 built-in lighting effects (Rainbow, Comet, Starry night and Logo lighting in RED)*
* Please note can only change the built-in effect while Aura or Halo software is off
Contents IPS
Contents 1 x QSG
2 x 30cm ROG addressable RGB strips
1 x 60cm ROG addressable RGB strip
3 x extension cables
1 x 45W power adapter
1 x DC to MOLEX cable
1 x Micro USB to USB 2.0 Type-A data cable
1 x Micro USB to 9-pin header data cable
3 x packs of 3M double-sided tape (5cm)
1 x ROG stickers
2 x ROG cable ties
Dimentions L 100 X W 70 X H 20 mm
- USB 2.0 9-pin header cable for internal case lighting.
- USB 2.0 Type-A cable for external case lighting.

- 12V 4-pin molex to DC adapter cable for internal case lighting.
- 19V DC power adapter for external case lighting.

Outputs 4 channel addressable RGB
* The addressable RGB header supports WS2812B addressable RGB LED devices (5V/ Data/ Ground), and each channel with a max of 90 LEDs and total channels support a max of 210 LEDs.
Hardware Requirements PSU with a free Molex socket.
PC with a free USB port or free USB 2.0 header.
Minimum System Requirement AURA:
- OS: Windows® 7/ Windows® 8/ Windows® 10

- OS: Windows® 10 64-bit
- Graphics: Dedicated VGA* * HALO does not support intergrated graphics (iGPU).
* HALO does not support intergrated graphics (iGPU). Please connect your display to a DP/HDMI port located on your VGA card.

Recommended System Requirement AURA:
- OS: Windows® 10 64-bit

- OS: Windows® 10 64-bit
- Processor: 6th Generation Intel® CoreTM i5 or above/
AMD 1st Generation Ryzen 5 or above.
- Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 900 series and later/
AMD Radeon R9 series and later.


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