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Finally,it's out!Gamer's long-awaited"PC engine mini"

Finally,it's out!Gamer's long-awaited

The Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer/Super Nintendo Entertainment System, NEOGEO mini, PlayStation Classic, and the recently announced Mega Drive mini have all been in the news recently.
Konami has announced the "PC Engine mini," which we had faintly hoped would be released someday!

What is the PC Engine?

The PC Engine is a game hardware system jointly developed by Hudson, well known for Bomberman, and NEC Home Electronics in 1987.
The attractive titles such as the PC Genshin series, R-TYPE series, and Tengai Makyo series, combined with high expressive power such as character voices and animations, made the PC Engine a big hit in the game industry at that time, together with Nintendo and SEGA.
Since NEC Home Electronics has already been dissolved and Hudson has been absorbed by Konami, "PC Engine mini" will be released by Konami.

First announcement of titles to be included

The most interesting thing about the mini series is the titles that will be included.
This time, six titles were announced!

PCエンジン mini
PC Engine mini
PCエンジン mini公式サイト
  • Super Star Soldier
  • THE Gongs
  • Castlevania X: The Circle of Blood
  • Ys I and II
  • Dungeon Explorer

Many people may have decided to purchase the PC Engine based on this announcement alone.

Full of convenient functions

PCエンジン mini
PC Engine mini
PCエンジン mini公式サイト

The game is equipped with the "Easy Save" function, which allows saving at any time, as well as a display mode that can reproduce the picture quality of a CRT TV. Furthermore, up to five players can play the game at the same time by using a multi-tap (sold separately)!
Does the mention of multi-player play mean that there will be such titles to be announced in the future? We have high expectations!

Detailed information has yet to be announced.

Detailed information on the release date, price, and number of titles included in the "PC Engine mini" has yet to be announced.
Let's look forward to the information on the additional titles to be included!

For more information, please visit the official "PC Engine mini" website!

Bye Hudson!

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