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Shirogane Noel Original Sake "[Nine Tails] Flora~Lilium~" will be released on July 10, 2012.

Shirogane Noel Original Sake "[Nine Tails] Flora~Lilium~" will be released on July 10, 2012.

Amataka Sake Brewing Company and hololive have collaborated to create sake based on the favorite flowers of hololive's celebrities for three consecutive months! The first one is a sake themed on Shirogane Noel 's (@shiroganenoel) favorite lily, "[Kuo] Flora ~Lilium~ ", which will be available at the Ten-Taka Sake Brewery online store from Monday, July 10, 2023 at 5:00 pm. Please enjoy its clear aroma and crisp dry taste!

Original Sake by Shiragin Noel is now available!

 "【九尾】Flora~Lilium~"2023年7月10日(月)17時発売PR TIMES

Tenaka Sake Brewery [kyubi] Twitter (@kyubi_tentaka) 's tweet to VTubers and their fans led to the development of a collaborative product between hololive and Tenaka Brewery!

After one year and four months of development, the original sake "Flora ~Lilium~" will be available at the online store from July 10, 2023 (Monday). Flora" will be released in July, August, and September, with each month featuring a different sake based on the hololive talent's favorite flower. The July release will be a sake based on Shiroganenoel's (@shiroganenoel) favorite flower, the lily.

  • July: Shiroganenoel "Flora ~Lilium~" (Sake)
  • August: Shirakami Fubuki "Flora ~Osmanthus~" (liqueur)
  • September: Rui Takamine "[Nine Tails] Flora~Rosa~" (honey wine)

Refreshing and soft taste

 とちぎの星PR TIMES

The rice used to make "Kuho Flora~Lilium~", "Tochigi no Hoshi", is of such high quality that it has received several special A ratings, and it became famous when it was chosen for the Otamesai Festival, a court ritual held by the Emperor when he succeeded to the throne. The grapes are large, richly sweet, firm, and delicious even when cold. To make the most of its characteristics, we used our experience to find the right balance of flavor and aroma, slowly and carefully milled the rice to 48% over two full days in a rice polishing machine, and brewed it with a blend of two types of original Tochigi Prefecture yeast.

The combination of TF yeast, characterized by its high aroma, and TS yeast, characterized by its good balance of aroma and taste, freshness and softness, produces a fresh and clear aroma like white flowers and a soft but refreshing taste! Please enjoy it chilled in the refrigerator or on the rocks for a slow healing moment.

Introducing cross-border EC

In response to the great response to the tweets that triggered this project, and in order for hololive's overseas fans to enjoy the sake, cross-border e-commerce was introduced, an unprecedented response for sake sales this time. Selling sake to individuals overseas had been considered difficult due to issues such as tax exemption and delivery, but with the cooperation of JETRO, an independent administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a partnership with IDTEN Japan, Inc. was formed to make this possible! This has made it possible for those living abroad to purchase the sake, so that fans not only in Japan but also overseas can enjoy the sake together. Those in Japan can purchase from the Amataka Sake Brewery online store, and those overseas can purchase from the Special page on Japanage:Sake online store. For more information about "[Kubi] Flora~Lilium~", please visit the Amataka Sake online store.

"【九尾】Flora~Lilium~"商品情報 PR TIMES
Product Information
Product name Kuo】Flora~Lilium~
Specific name Junmai Daiginjo
Alcohol content 17 degrees Celsius
Rice polishing ratio 48% of the total
Yeast used TF/TS yeast
Rice used 100% Tochigi Prefecture Tochigi-no-Hoshi
Retail price 6,600 yen (tax included)
Sales start date Monday, July 10, 2023 17:00(JST)

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