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Flagship MODEL WITH ANC & RGB ASUS "ROG Cetra II" released in Japan

ANC & RGB搭載のフラッグシップモデル ASUS「ROG Cetra II」日本発売決定

ASUS JAPAN Corporation announced today that its gaming brand " ROG " will release in Japan the flagship model "ROG Cetra II Core"," a wired gaming earphone with ASUS Essence driver using LSR (liquid silicone rubber) material, which is already available in Japan. The flagship model of the " ROG Cetra II" is now available in Japan.

最先端のLSR素材を使用したASUS Essenceドライバー搭載の有線ゲーミングイヤホン ASUS「ROG Cetra II Core」発表

Flagship model with ANC & RGB

ROG Cetra II " is the flagship model of the "ROG Cetra II Core" gaming earphones, which are currently on sale in Japan.
While maintaining the ASUS Essence driver using the most advanced LSR (liquid silicone rubber) material and the lightweight aluminum housing that are popular in the ROG Cetra II Core, the ROG Cetra II is a product with increased power in every aspect.

ANC Technology
"ROG Cetra II"製品ページ

It is equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology that reduces ambient noise and immerses the user in the sound, providing an even more immersive experience, whether it is music or game sound.
"ROG Cetra II" has a USB Type-C wired connection, so users do not have to worry about sound loss or delay that they may experience with wireless earphones.

Ambient mode
"ROG Cetra II"製品ページ

The in-line controller has a button to switch to " ambient mode," which turns off the ANC function by simply pressing the button.
This allows users to instantly respond to situations where they want to hear sounds, such as when having a conversation, ordering at a café, or listening to public transportation announcements.

Built-in microphone
"ROG Cetra II"製品ページ

While other models have a microphone on the in-line controller, the ROG Cetra II earbuds have a microphone built into the earbuds themselves.
The microphone is equipped with noise suppression technology, so it is possible to deliver a clear voice with reduced ambient noise when talking on the phone, or even when playing games.

RGB Lighting
"ROG Cetra II"製品ページ

The ROG logo designed into the body of the earphones features customizable ASUS Aura Sync-compatible RGB lighting.
More than 16.8 million color combinations and four preset light emission patterns can be used to create your own personal style.

The intuitive UI software " Armoury Crate " is supported.
In addition to controlling the RGB lighting of the previous day, it is also possible to adjust the sound equalization and 7.1-channel speaker levels to your liking.
The system can create and adapt profiles according to the type of game and scene, so you can enjoy the optimal sound accordingly.

Release date and price

"ROG Cetra II" will be released in Japan on October 15, 2021 (Friday ). The price is open price.
The estimated market price is around 13,980 yen (including tax).
Wireless gaming earphones and gaming headsets are on the rise, but depending on the game genre, there are many cases where momentary loss of sound and delays affect them.
For wired users, the "ROG Cetra II" may be one of the best options for gaming earphones available today.
For more information, please visit the ASUS "ROG Cetra II" product page.

ROG Cetra II" Specifications
Product Type USB headset
Usage Scenario Gaming
Interface Wired
Connector Type-C
Supported Platforms PC
Nintendo Switch
Screwdriver Material Neodymium magnetic screwdriver
Screwdriver Size 9.4mm
Headphone impedance 32ohm
Headphone Frequency Response 20Hz - 40KHz
Microphone pickup pattern Omnidirectional
Microphone Sensitivity -40 ± 3 dB
Microphone Frequency Response 50Hz - 10Khz
Active Noise Cancellation Supported
Channels Stereo
Lighting Monochromatic LED
Weight 30g
Cable 1.25 m
Accessories Case
Cord clip
Ear fins in 3 sizes
Silicon tips in 3 sizes
Foam tips (1 pair)
Quick start guide


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