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ASUS launches stylish keycap set"ROG Gaming Keycap"!

ASUS launches stylish keycap set

ASUS announces the ROG Gaming Keycap Set, a set of stylish keycaps for gamers from its ROG gaming brand.

It will be available from July 5, 2019 and can be purchased at the ASUS Store.

Features of the ROG Gaming Keycap Set

ROG Gaming Keycap Setの特徴
ROG Gaming Keycap Set
ROG Gaming Keycap Set製品ページ

The 8 keycaps are compatible with Cherry MX mechanical switches, and the keycap for the ESC key is decorated with the ROG logo.
The ROG logo gives the keyboard a cool design and accent.

Also, the sides are textured with LED light transmittance.

The ROG logo is completed with caps for Q,W,E,R,A,S,D keys.

The keycap puller is included so you can replace the keycaps immediately after purchase.

ROG Gaming Keycap Set Product Details

ROG Gaming Keycap Setの特徴
ROG Gaming Keycap Set
ROG Gaming Keycap Set製品ページ

The "ROG Gaming Keycap Set" allows you to instantly locate the important gaming keys for FPS & MOBA with durable textured keycaps that provide enhanced grip and control.

The ROG Gaming Keycap Set not only makes it easy to identify the game keys, but also helps to dress up your keyboard.
It is recommended not only for PC gamers but also for those who want to dress up their keyboards.

Product Name ROG Gaming Keycap Set
Price 3,480 JPY (excluding tax)
Size: 131 x 90 x 25 mm (Color) 131 x 90 x 25 mm (Color box)
Weight 13 g
Warranty period 1 year
What's included in the box 3D ROG metallic keycaps x 1
Plastic keycaps for QWERASD x 7
Keycap puller x 1
ROG logo sticker x 1
Product page https://www.asus.com/jp/Keyboards-Mice/ROG-Gaming-Keycap-Set/
Purchase Page https://jp.store.asus.com/store/asusjp/ja_JP/pd/productID.5337447700

ROG Gaming Keycap Set Gallery

For more information & purchase, please visit ASUS product page.

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