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Ultra-light meat-free mouse also appeared from ASUS! "TUF GAMING M4 Air" announced!

超軽量肉抜きマウスがASUSからも登場!「TUF GAMING M4 Air」発表!

A mouse is one of the essential devices when playing games on a PC.
In addition to the performance of the switches and sensors, there is a wide range of gaming mouse models available from various manufacturers, as it is a device that divides preferences in terms of shape, weight, number of buttons, etc., as well as whether to use wired or wireless technology.
Some people prefer the lighter the better when it comes to "weight," one of their preferences, and each manufacturer has a lineup of lightweight models, but technological advances have reached the limit of what can be made light in terms of structure and materials.
Therefore, a new type of mouse, known as a "meatless mouse," has appeared on the market, in which a hole is made in the mouse body to reduce the weight of the mini 4WD model. The number of users is increasing year by year due to the overwhelming lightness and the non-slip effect of the holes in the body.
ASUS' gaming line "TUF GAMING" is introducing a new product to the "meatless mouse" world !

Ultra-lightweight mouse weighing only 47g

ASUS has newly announced the " TUF GAMING M4 Air ", a lightweight wired gaming mouse.
The first thing that catches the eye is its distinctive, butchered look.
The Air Shell design is constructed with a hollow pyramid-shaped frame, which maintains a durable and sturdy structure while achieving a super lightweight body weighing only 47g.
In terms of design, the triangular holes in the meaty design are cool and set it apart from other meaty mice.

"TUF GAMING M4 Air"製品ページ

To take full advantage of its light weight, it features smooth gliding 100% PTFE mouse feet and a lightweight, soft and flexible TUF gaming paracord.
It allows for quick maneuvering without feeling as if it weighs a ton.

超軽量47g | TUF GAMING M4 Airゲーミングマウス

Have you ever spilled a drink on your desk and got it all over your mouse when you were operating dynamically?
You may also have experienced that your hands sweat during tense game development and the mouse gets quite wet.
With a mouse that has a hole in the body, moisture will inevitably get inside the body, but with the TUF GAMING M4 Air, you can rest assured that this will not happen.
The printed circuit board unit (PCBA) is coated with an IPX6 water repellent coating, so there is no need to worry if moisture accidentally gets inside.
In the unlikely event that moisture does get into the PCBA, turn off the power and let it sit for 24 hours.

超軽量47g | TUF GAMING M4 Airゲーミングマウス

Since this is a gaming mouse, it is not only lightweight, but the sensor is also extremely accurate.
It has a 16,000 DPI sensor that can easily switch between four preset DPI levels.
It is a specially tuned optical sensor with a maximum speed of 400 IPS and a maximum acceleration of 40G, so you will be able to operate with high precision and accuracy.

超軽量47g | TUF GAMING M4 Airゲーミングマウス

You don't need too many, but you do need a certain number of buttons when using it to play games.
The TUF GAMING M4 Air has six tactile and programmable buttons.
In particular, the left and right buttons, which are the most commonly pressed, are separated from the top cover so they can be clicked quickly and with little effort.

"TUF GAMING M4 Air"製品ページ

With the current world situation, we always want to keep the mouse clean in our hands.
The surface and side buttons of the TUF GAMING M4 Air are treated with the newly developed ASUS antibacterial guard silver ion treatment.
Positively charged silver (Ag+) ions combine with negatively charged microorganisms and bacteria cell walls to destroy their internal functions and kill them, inhibiting their growth by more than 99%.
The mouse surface can be kept clean and hygienic.

超軽量47g | TUF GAMING M4 Airゲーミングマウス

It is compatible with ASUS' Armoury Crate software, which allows you to make detailed settings with an intuitive UI, so you can adjust it to your liking.
Create profiles, map buttons, adjust performance settings, and more to suit your play style.

A launch gift campaign is underway!

"TUF GAMING M4 Air" will be released on Friday, February 4, 2022 at an open price.
Lightweight and wired users can't wait to get their hands on the "TUF GAMING M4 Air" mouse, but to celebrate its release, a giveaway campaign is now underway !
To celebrate the launch of the TUF GAMING M4 Air, a giveaway campaign is being held! Three winners will be selected by drawing to receive a TUF GAMING M4 Air, so there is no choice but to participate.
All you have to do is follow the official ASUS JAPAN Twitter(@ASUSJapan ) and retweet the following campaign tweet.

The campaign will run until Sunday, January 30, 2022, and winners will be notified via Twitter DM.
Please note that if you unfollow or do not receive the DM, you will be disqualified from the campaign even if you win.
For more details about the product, please check the "TUF GAMING M4 Air" product page!

Interface USB 2.0/Wired
Reading method/sensor Optical sensor/PixArt 3335
Tracking speed 400 IPS
Acceleration Rate 40 G
Resolution 16,000 DPI
Polling Rate (Report Rate) 1000 Hz
Number of Buttons 6 buttons
Supported OS Windows 10
Antimicrobial treatment area All buttons and covers
Antimicrobial Specifications ASUS BacGuard Antibacterial Treatment / ASUS proprietary antibacterial treatment technology
Dimensions L126 x W64 x H40 mm
Weight (main unit) 47g
Package Contents Razer PWM TUF Gaming M4 Air mouse
Quick start guide
Warranty Card


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