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Thirty One collaborates with Dragon Quest Keshi Poppy for the first time! Hoimi taste and variety box with the image of slime, original coaster appeared!


B-R Thirty-One Ice Cream Co., operator of Thirty-One Ice Cream, announces a collaboration with the popular smartphone puzzle game " Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! " a collaboration with the popular smartphone puzzle game, from Thursday, April 28, 2022 through Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
Thirty-One will be selling cute flavors inspired by the well-known Dracula character " Slime," as well as a limited-edition variety box that is sure to be a hit at take-out.
This will be a month that Dracula fans won't want to miss!

Eat and feel better! Hoimi flavor!

Dracula is all about slime! The limited-edition " Puritto Slime Hoimi Fl avor" is a fun to look at and delicious to eat flavor inspired by the image of a cute slime!
The refreshing apple-flavored sorbet, creamy vanilla ice cream, and soda-flavored slime-shaped gummy beads give it a fun texture! One bite and you can't help but say, " Hoimi! It's a flavor that will make you want to say, "Hoimi!
The "Plippitto Slime Hoimi Flavor" is available in single and regular sizes for 390 yen! Now, let's go to Thirty-One to meet the slime!

With original coaster! Limited Variety Box!

Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi! Variety Box Set

A special " Variety Box " with many slime designs is also available!
Choose 8 pieces of your favorite ice cream (small or regular) and take them out in a special Drakeshi box only available during this season!
In addition, you will also receive 8 original coasters that you can only get here!
Reference prices are 2,160 yen for 8 small and 2,930 yen for 8 regular.

Original Coaster

Thirty-One also appears in the game!

Thirty-One is also featured in the "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi Keshi!" game. The Thirty-One collaboration will also take place in the "Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!
The " Dorakeishi " and " Original Monster " ice creams from the Thirty-One collaboration will also appear in the game! You can also get coupons that can be used at the actual Thirty-One stores, and much more! For more information, please follow the official Twitter account of Dorakeshi!

Level Up at Thirty-One! Twitter Image Submission Campaign!

Level up at #31

During the collaboration period, a present campaign will be held where you can win prizes by posting photos of the collaboration flavors and variety boxes on Twitter with the hashtag " #31 to Level Up"! The number of entries will increase the level of the prizes! Let's all eat the collaboration products together and level up with #31!


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