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Remote play is even more comfortable! PlayStation-licensed controller for iPhone announced!


The common sense of the Showa and Heisei eras that "the NES can only be played on the TV in the living room until supper" has become nostalgic.
From high-performance stationary game consoles to portable game consoles that can be played anywhere, such as on the move.
In addition, a variety of games have been released for smartphones, which are in everyone's hands, so that it is difficult to be in an environment where you cannot play games at all.
In particular, smartphones can play not only titles for smartphones, but also games released on consumer consoles using cloud services, and PS4 and PS5 can access the console at home through the network to enjoy remote play.
When playing consumer titles on a smartphone, one of the concerns is its operability.
Unlike dedicated titles optimized for smartphones, there are many cases where touch controls do not work as expected.
Each manufacturer has released a controller device that connects to a smartphone and allows it to operate like a portable game console, but if you are going to purchase a controller, don't you think it would be safer to purchase a licensed product?
Backbone One, a popular controller device, has announced a PlayStation-licensed device for iPhone!

スマホを携帯ゲーム機に変身させる「Razer Kishi」がパワーアップ!「Razer Kishi V2」Android版が登場!

A controller device that looks like a DualSense!

The "BackBone One" is a controller device that can be used like a portable game console by inserting a smartphone in a horizontal position.
Backbone One for iPhone " with Lightning connector and " Backbone One for Android " with USB Type-C connector are available in Japan, but the current product comes in a chic black color scheme. The "Backbone One for iPhone" and the "Backbone One for Android" with USB Type-C connectivity are available for purchase.
The " Backbone One - PlayStation Edition " is based on the "Backbone One for iPhone" and features a white color scheme inspired by the PS5 DualSense wireless controller. The "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" features a white color scheme and button design inspired by the PS5's DualSense wireless controller.
The "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" looks like a new PlayStation handheld gaming console with an iPhone tucked in the middle.

Backbone One for iPhone
Backbone One for iPhone
Introducing the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition

With the iPhone now able to control buttons, remote play will surely become more comfortable.
By connecting the "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" to your iPhone and accessing your PS4 or PS5 at home via the network, you can play the latest game titles right in your hand, even when you are on the go.

Backbone One for iPhone
Backbone One for iPhone

For smartphones, titles such as " Genshin Impact " and " Call of Duty: Mobile " are compatible with "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition," as well as other streaming services. Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" is also compatible with other streaming services, which will improve the accuracy of play as well as comfort.
The Backbone app, available on the App Store, allows users to launch compatible titles from the app, take screenshots and play videos, and upload the captured images and videos to social networking sites.

Backbone One for iPhone
Backbone One for iPhone

The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is powered by the iPhone, so there is no need to charge the Backbone One - PlayStation Edition itself. It's a great feature.
Whenever you want to play a game, simply connect it to your iPhone.

We look forward to its release in Japan!

Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" was released in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It will be available in many more countries after that.
Although Japan is not included in the initial list of regions, the "Backbone One" is available for purchase in Japan, so it is safe to assume that the "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" will be available in Japan as well. The price is also the same as the price currently available in Japan.
The price of the "Backbone One" currently available in Japan is 16,280 yen (including tax), so let's hope there won't be a big difference between the two!
In 2022, PS4 and PS5 are releasing a lot of blockbusters, and there are quite a few that are scheduled to be released in the future.
If you have a lot of titles you want to play but don't have enough time to play them all at home, the "Backbone One - PlayStation Edition" will allow you to turn your travel time or breaks at school or work into game playing time! How about it?
For more information, please visit PlayStation .blog.


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