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The rack that can be hung from the top of the projector without making a hole in the ceiling has evolved! Bauhutte "PROJECTOR RACK 2" is here!

天井に穴を空けなくてもプロジェクターを天吊りできるラックが進化!Bauhutte「PROJECTOR RACK 2」登場!

" Big is good! "So many people are watching movies and playing games on large-screen TVs and monitors.
Compared to a decade ago, large-screen TVs and monitors are now more affordable, but the story is different when it comes to ultra-large screens in the 100-inch class, which require an appropriate amount of space for installation.
A projector is a relatively affordable way to realize the dream of enjoying games on an ultra-large screen where you have to move your head to see the edges of the screen.
If you use a projector to project images onto a wall in a room, you can get a 100-inch class screen with great power, but one of the drawbacks is the installation location.
A certain distance from the wall or screen on which the image is projected is required, and since the system is designed to emit light, the image will be reflected on people or objects if the light crosses over them.
Therefore, ceiling-suspension like in restaurants, where the light passes over people, is ideal, but it is a bit difficult to make a hole in the ceiling in a rental property, isn't it?
Bauhutte, a well-known gaming furniture company, has released " PROJECTOR RACK," a rack that allows you to install a projector as if it were suspended from the ceiling... but! Now, it has been reborn as a rack that can accommodate even larger projectors!

まさに堕落の極み!夢の「寝ながらゲーム」を実現するBauhutte ポールマウントスタンド「タブレット」発売!

The new PROJECTOR RACK is spacious, convenient, and safe!

Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

Bauhutte has newly released PROJECTOR RACK 2, an advanced version of PROJECTOR RACK, a tall rack that allows projectors to be installed as if suspended from the ceiling.
The PROJECTOR RACK 2 is a rack that can be propped up from floor to ceiling, and by screwing a projector to the top thick top panel, it can be ceiling-suspended without making a hole in the ceiling.
The same is true for the already available "PROJECTOR RACK".

Since we have evolved to "PROJECTOR RACK 2," it would be strange if the various locations have not evolved to be even more convenient and safer, right?
Rest assured, we have done everything we can to make it even more convenient and safer.

Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

First, let's look at the size of the shelves.
While the previous model was 60 cm wide by 30 cm deep, "2" is 70 cm wide by 36 cm deep, which is one size larger.
The larger area not only allows more items to be placed on each shelf, but also makes it possible to install a large projector with high image quality because the top panel is also larger.

top hanging board
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

As projectors become larger, they inevitably weigh more.
The previous model had a two-layer top panel, but the "2" model has a single-layer thick top panel.
The new "2" model has one thicker board, which can be firmly fixed with screws . It also looks stylish.

Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

The length adjustment method of the propping rod has been changed from the screw type of the previous model to a stopper type.
It is not only easy to operate but also easy to fine-tune, so you can fix the rack firmly.

Cable Bands
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

Another nice feature is that cable bands are included, which are useful for organizing wiring along the poles.
It saves you the trouble of having to prepare them separately.

U-shaped bar
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

A new U-shaped bar has also been added to prevent items placed on the rack from falling.
It's not only for safety, but also for hooking up headphone hangers and hooks of a different kind.

Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

The propping up to the ceiling is fixed and can be firmly supported without making holes.
The floor side also has horizontal adjusters, so the floor and ceiling can be firmly supported even across a slight difference in level.
When various items are placed on the rack, including the projector, the entire rack will be quite heavy, so for safety reasons, be sure to fix it firmly in place.

Fine Mesh Shelf
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

The shelves are made of fine m esh, which allows small items to be placed stably and also provides excellent heat exhaust.
Even if you place a gaming PC or a game console that easily heats up, heat will not be trapped in the shelves.

Height Adjustment
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ

Of course, the shelves and U-shaped bar are height-adjustable.
They can be freely set at a pitch of approximately 2.5 cm, allowing you to adjust them to suit the equipment you are installing.

Get the super-large screen environment of your dreams!

"PROJECTOR RACK 2" is currently available for 29,091 yen (tax included).
It can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp's Bauhutte store.
Everyone at one time or another has longed for a super-screen gaming or home theater environment, so many people have considered purchasing a projector.
However, even a short-throw projector that can be installed close to a wall requires a certain distance, so for those who have given up on the idea of a permanent installation, the "PROJECTOR RACK 2" is an item that makes their dream come true, allowing them to install a projector permanently and enjoy a large screen at any time.
Since you may still spend most of your time at home, why not introduce "PROJECTOR RACK 2" to enhance your time at home?
For more information, please visit the PROJECTOR RACK 2 product page!

Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"サイズ
Bauhutte "PROJECTOR RACK 2" Size
Bauhutte"PROJECTOR RACK 2"製品ページ
Color Black
Dimensions Approx. 70 cm (W) x 36 cm (D) x 221~271 cm (H)
Weight 20.4kg
Surface finish Mesh shelves and poles: Epoxy powder coating
Load capacity Mesh shelves: 70 kg each
Suspended top board: 15kg
Total load capacity: 150kg
Material Mesh shelf board and pole: Steel
Top panel: Synthetic resin laminated particle board


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