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"Chiikawa" completely wireless earphones have been renewed! A lineup of 4 kinds of chikawa, hachiware, rabbit, and chii hi usa appeared!


Illustrator Nagano(@ngntrtr) has been serializing a popular manga on SNS, " Something Small and Cute," a.k.a. " Cheeka".
The manga's cute everyday scenes with unique characters and the harsh worldview hidden behind them have caused an explosive boom, and it has been adapted into a TV anime on Fuji Television's " Mezamashi TV " this April.
Now, the second edition of the " Chiikawa Completely Wireless Earphone," a collaboration between the popular manga " Chiikawa " and Tama Denshi Kogyo, has gone on sale!

The second "Cheekawa Completely Wireless Earphone" goes on sale on June 1 (Wed.)!


The new "Cheeky Complete Wireless Earphone 2 " is the second volume following the " Cheeky Complete Wireless Earphone " released last summer in the smartphone accessory market, and in addition to higher quality than the previous volume, it is also more detailed. In addition to the even higher quality than the previous model, this product is full of "cute" in every detail, making it a must-have for fans.

The lineup consists of four types: " Cheeky," " Hachiware," " Rabbit," and " Cheeky Hachi-Usa," with each character printed on the cradle cover and earphone part.
The cradle, which slides open with a single push, is equipped with a Type-C charging port, the same as that of smartphones.
They are completely wireless, requiring no cords, so they don't get in the way, and offer about 5 hours of continuous music playback & up to 17 hours with the charging case!
The price includes tax. 5,980 yen !
June 1, 2022 (Wednesday) The product will be available at various e-commerce sites from now on, so be sure to purchase it!

Outline of the product
Product name "Chikkawa" Completely Wireless Earphone 2, 4 types in total
Release date June 1, 2022 (Wednesday)
Item No. SQ-BS69W-C Cheeky Cow SQ-BS69W-H Hachi-Ware SQ-BS69W-U Rabbit SQ-BS69W-G Cheeky Bee Hare
Price 5,980 yen (including tax)
EC site Tama Denshi Kogyo direct sales site
Rakuten Ichiba Store
PayPay Mall Store


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