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Now you're Avan's Messenger! Dai's great adventure collaboration accessories such as "Sign of Avang" appeared from JAM HOME MADE!

これで君もアバンの使徒だ!JAM HOME MADEから「アバンのしるし」等のダイの大冒険コラボアクセサリー登場!

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken" (Dai no Daibouken), a new animated television series, is currently airing on TV.
I know it's dangerous and I shouldn't do it, but when I see elementary school boys on the street waving their umbrellas in the "avant-garde" way, I get a nostalgic feeling that history is repeating itself....
But don't do it, it's dangerous!
In addition to the TV anime, games such as " Crossblade," which is currently playing in arcades, " Soul Bonds, " which is being distributed to smartphones, and " Infinity Strush," which is currently in development, are also very popular.
In addition, a wide range of collaboration goods have been released in collaboration with apparel brands, and a new collaboration accessory is now available!
You too can become an apostle of Aban!

お値段なんと330万円!?大魔王バーンのチェス駒を再現した「ハドラー親衛騎士団 シルバー製チェスセット」発売決定!

Collaboration accessories such as "The Sign of Aban" are now on sale!

The accessories that will go on sale this time are the first collaboration accessories of the apparel brand " JAM HOME MADE " with Dai no Daiboken.
JAM HOME MADE" has collaborated with many brands and works, and has sold items of high quality that fans are very satisfied with, so we can say that the quality is second to none.
The rings with the dragon's crest engraved, necklaces and earrings with Gome-chan motifs, and earrings with Papunika's knife motif are all accessories that can be used in daily life, and all of them play important roles in the story.


Of these, the necklace that fans of Dai no Daibouken should not miss is the necklace that reproduces the " Aban no Shirushi" (Aban's mark ) given by Professor Aban as a sign of graduation!
For fans who want to wear the same thing as the characters in the series, this is an item they can't wait to get their hands on!
There are three types of necklaces available: a gold ball chain, a black and brown leather cord, and the leather cord looks more like the original...but the ball chain looks more luxurious ・・・・. It's a tough call!

ダイの大冒険 アバンのしるし ネックレス ゴールド:
Dai no Daiboken Aban no Shirushi Necklace Gold:
16,500 yen (tax included)


Fully made to order, now available for order!

JAM HOME MADE's Dai no Daibouken collaboration accessories are now available for order on the official "JAM HOME MADE" website!
The accessories are made to order and will be delivered approximately two months after the order is placed.
If there are too many orders, the delivery date may be extended or the order process may be terminated, so if you are considering ordering, be sure to do so as soon as possible!
The "Sign of Aban" is one of the most important items in the story. If five people wearing the "Sigil of Aban" get together, they may be able to activate the evil spell.
Let's gather up the apostles of Aban and head for the Burn Palace!
For more details and to order, please visit the official "JAM HOME MADE" website!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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DQX and Zoff collaboration glasses! "Zoff + DRAGON QUEST X" will be released soo...

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