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A new color of white appeared in the ultimate scorpion-type gaming chair "GeeScorpion"! Black sale is also held!


Gaming ch airs make not only gaming but also desk work and watching videos more comfortable.
Each manufacturer offers comfortable gaming chairs in a variety of materials and shapes that can be selected according to the preference of the person sitting in the chair.
GeeScorpion " stands out from the crowd of gaming chairs with few unique shapes because they are supposed to be "chairs" in nature.
In Japan, Gloture released GeeScorpion in March 2022, and it was a big hit because of its unique scorpion-like shape and the futuristic feel of being able to control everything while sitting in the chair with a dedicated controller.
The price of 657,800 yen (including tax) at the time of its release also had a big impact.
Until now, " GeeScorpion " was only available in one color, black, but now the long-awaited new color, white, is available!


The refreshing white color is now available! The price is...

GeeScorpion ホワイト
GeeScorpion White

GeeScorpion" will be available in a new color, white, from Tuesday, September 20, 2022!
The color changes from the heavy impression of black to a fresh impression at once.
Although the color has changed to white, the basic specifications remain unchanged, and the total weight of the main unit is approximately 200 kg, and the maximum size is 2,100 mm (H) x 1,120 mm (W) x 2,100 mm (H), which is quite large.
It is probably safe for companies to purchase for their offices, but individuals need to check if it is really possible to place it in their offices.
The price is sold on Gloture's e-commerce site " MODERN g", but the price is still very low, probably due to the influence of the recent foreign exchange rate. 1,386,000 yen (including tax) The price of the chair is "$3.99".
Even though it is a dream gaming chair, the price is not so low that you can easily decide to buy it, but we have good news for you.
The black one, which was already on sale, is now on sale and can be purchased for 963,600 yen (including tax) The price is 422,400 yen! That's a whopping 422,400 yen off!
That's still just under 1,000,000 yen, but with such a discount, it's amazing that it seems within reach.
For more information about the new white color and the black one currently on sale, please visit Gloture's e-commerce site, " MODERN g"!


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