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Launched! "GV-US2C/HD", an HDMI capture unit


I-O DATA DEVICE, a precision equipment manufacturer headquartered in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, announced the release of the " GV-US2C/HD " HDMI capture unit that enables stand-alone recording without a PC.


Standalone recording with SD card support

GV-US2C/HD 単体録画
GV-US2C/HD Standalone Recording

The GV-US2C/HD can record game videos by itself without connecting to a PC.
Simply connect the device via HDMI between the game and the monitor, and press a button on the device to record the game screen.
Data is stored on an SD card that can be inserted into the main unit.

High-performance HDMI capture unit with 4K pass-through support

GV-US2C/HD 4Kパススルー
GV-US2C/HD 4K Pass-Through

The "GV-US2C/HD" is equipped with a 4K60p pass-through function, which allows users to pass through the "GV-US2C/HD" to the game screen without worrying about delay.
The maximum recorded video resolution of 1,920 x 1080 at 60 fps is supported, ensuring sufficient resolution for video distribution.

Choice of Data Storage Destination

GV-US2C/HD 4K 外部接続
GV-US2C/HD External Connection

Depending on the resolution and duration of the video, there are many cases where the remaining capacity of the PC to which it is connected must be taken into consideration.
The GV-US2C/HD allows the user to choose where to save the data: an SD card inserted in the main unit, a PC connected to the unit, or a USB hard disk connected to the PC.
The video resolution can also be set from three types, so depending on the content of the video, the resolution can be reduced to save space.

Voice chat audio is also recorded at the same time.

GV-US2C/HD ボイススルー機能
GV-US2C/HD Voice Through Function

The GV-US2C/HD is equipped with an input jack for a headset, which can be connected to a headset to record voice chat audio along with the game screen.
This allows for easy real-time streaming and audio recording of recorded video, expanding the variety of video streaming.

Usable with iPhone

GV-US2C/HD iPhone接続
GV-US2C/HD iPhone Connection

By connecting an iPhone to the GV-US2C/HD with a genuine Apple HDMI adapter, the iPhone screen can be streamed and recorded.
In addition to streaming iPhone game apps, you can also record and edit the video.

Free streaming software and video editing/uploading software are included.

I-O DATA HD Live Capture
I-O DATA HD Live Capture
PowerDirector 15 for I-O DATA
PowerDirector 15 for I-O DATA

The "GV-US2C/HD" comes with "I-O DATA HD Live Capture" recording and live streaming software and CyberLink "PowerDirector 15 for I-O DATA" editing software.
The "PowerDirector 15 for I-O DATA" allows users to edit videos recorded with "I-O DATA HD Live Capture" by applying effects and inserting text.
Both of these software packages have simple and easy-to-understand operation screens, making it easy to create videos of a higher grade.

Compatible with popular video streaming apps

The GV-US2C/HD is also compatible with video streaming apps in addition to the video streaming functions of game consoles.
As of May 22, 2019, the GV-US2C/HD has been tested with OBS Studio (v23.0.1) and XSplit Broadcaster (v3.6.1811.2318), so you can use the GV-US2C/HD in your current distribution environment.

Release date and price

The GV-US2C/HD will be released in late June 2019 at a price of 23,200 JPY (excluding tax).
This HDMI capture unit is a must-have for game video distribution, and with its multifunctionality, including 4K pass-through as well as standalone recording and iPhone recording, it is arguably one of the highest-performing HDMI capture units available.

See the GV-US2C/HD product page for details.

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