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First time in Japan! iQunix" compact full keyboard is now available in Japan!

日本初上陸!「iQunix」のコンパクトなフルキーボード 国内販売スタート!

iQunix, a Chinese manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, will start selling its products in Japan on June 8, 2021. The company will be represented in Japan by the overseas gaming device e-commerce site " Fumofu no Omise " as an authorized distributor.

Almost the same functionality as a full-size device, but in a compact size!

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard
iQunix Mechanical Keyboard

The best-selling "F96" series from iQunix, a company that has become a hot topic in the field of mechanical keyboards, is popular for its exquisite 96% size, just as the name suggests.

Compared to a regular 110% full-size keyboard, the F96 is about the same size as a compact keyboard with no numeric keypad (80%).
For users who are using a full-size keyboard but want to save space around their desk, or who want a compact keyboard but sometimes need to use the numeric keypad, this series is perfect.
This series is perfect for users who want a compact type, but sometimes want to use a numeric keypad.

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard
Compared to the full size (above), the F96 series (below) is just the right size.

A wide variety of designs and colors


The "F96" series is available in a wide variety of designs and colors.
Here are the 5 color variations currently available at " Fumofu no Omise "!

  • iQunix's best-selling design " Coral Sea
  • Peach " is a pink and light blue design with an illustration on the keycap.
  • Grape Milk " is a purple base with mint coloring.
  • Knight " with side printing for added sophistication
  • KAT " with white KAT profile keycap and silver body is simple and beautiful

The "Knight" and "KAT" models are simple in color, but the keys are stylishly printed.
The simplicity of the design makes the 16 million colors of dynamic RGB backlighting stand out. The RGB backlight setting can be changed.

High-grade aluminum body

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard
iQunix Mechanical Keyboard

The iQunix keyboard has a sturdy and durable aluminum body.
It is a beautiful and reliable metal frame created through dozens of precision manufacturing processes, including CNC and coloring.
The case section consists of five aluminum plates and is designed to be disassembled for easy care and customization.

Excellent feel! High quality in both feel and function

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard
iQunix Mechanical Keyboard

iQunix's proprietary " high quality PBT keycaps " have a delicate and beautiful feel to the touch.
The customized etching is highly abrasion-resistant and non-sticky.
The keycaps are printed by sublimation printing, so there is no need to worry about the printing fading even after long use.

In addition, the key switches are equipped with German-made " Cherry MX Switch," which is widely used in mechanical keyboards.
The Cherry MX Switch offers long keystroke life, crisp keystrokes, excellent responsiveness and comfort, and stable performance and feel every time you use the keyboard.

N-key rollover " is supported, which recognizes all keystrokes when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, making it ideal for both everyday use and gaming.

Other features include

  • Fully programmable with a dedicated driver
  • Detachable Type-C cable
  • Perfect tilt angle (6°) designed for comfortable input.

The iQunix Mechanical Keyboard is a keyboard that is both easy to use and flexible.

Buy it at "Fluffy's store"!

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard
iQunix Mechanical Keyboard

The "iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard Wired RGB" series is now on sale at the e-commerce site " Fumofu no Om ise". Prices start at 24,560 yen (tax included ) with free shipping nationwide.
Prices vary depending on the product, so please check the product page carefully before purchasing.

Also available is the "F60" series, a more compact 60% keyboard that continues the sleek design of the iQunix series.
For more details, please visit the "F60" series sales page!

iQunix F96 Mechanical Keyboard Wired RGB" Specifications
Type Mechanical Keyboard
Number of keys 100 keys
Material Aluminum housing + PBT keycaps (printing: sublimation printing)
Switch Cherry MX switches
Backlight LED 16 million color RGB backlight
Interface USB Type-C (wired, approx. 180 cm)
Dimensions 372 x 123.5 x 42 mm
Weight 1060 g
Full N-key rollover Supported
Supported OS Windows, macOS, Linux
Accessories Keyboard body
USB Type-C cable
Key puller
Instruction manual (English is the language of the instruction manual)
Product country of sale/export China

Fumofu no Omise Official Twitter also has videos and other information about the product! If you're curious about how it feels, check it out!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese. at the moment.

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