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Contains no sugar, fat, or purine, yet contains energy ingredients! Keeva Sugar-Free Chuhai" is now available!

糖質・脂質・プリン体がゼロなのにエナジー成分配合!「キーバ 無糖 チューハイ」登場!

Due to the influence of the removal or relaxation of various restrictions in recent years than in 2023, the opportunities for drinking with company and friends have started to increase. It is a real joy to see that liveliness return, but I think that even some of you who like to drink have learned the pleasure of drinking at home alone or with your family or a few close friends while doing whatever you want to do. It is very enjoyable to play games or watch videos while buying the alcohol you want to drink and eating snacks you have bought or made. However, there are some pitfalls. When you are drunk, you may not remember how far you got in the game, or you may lose track of the story before and after the drama, which can be a waste of a good time. For those of you who want to drink, but also want to stay healthy, we have the perfect product for you." Take a different path.Keeva, well-known for its "Go the Different Way! Keeva has launched " Keeva Unsweetened Chuhai," a chuhai containing energy ingredients!

エナジージャージにも軽食にも!多くのリクエストに応えて「KIIVA SPEED CHARGE JELLY」がリニューアル復活!

A refreshingly sweet energy drink! Energy chewy drink!

キーバ 無糖 チューハイ
Keeva Unsweetened Chuhai

Keeva Unsweetened Chuhai" is a new type of chuhai created by Keeva, which has released many popular energy drinks. Since it is made by Keeva, it naturally contains energy ingredients, including " arginine " and " niacin. While being an alcoholic beverage, it also provides a strong dose of energy. While being an alcoholic beverage, it contains zero sugar, zero fat, and zero purine! It has a crisp, clear taste with a refreshing sweetness. While many chu-hai drinks nowadays have a high alcohol content, "Keeva Sugar Free Chu-Hai" has a slightly lower alcohol content of 4%. The taste and energy component make it the perfect partner for a meal, a game, or a movie! Keeva Sugar Free Chuhai" is available at Mini Stop stores nationwide, Family Mart stores in Southern Kyushu, Wellsia Pharmacy, and other stores! *Some stores may not carry the product. It can be purchased online at Amazon.co.jp andRakuten Ichiba in boxes of 24 bottles. At the time of writing, the price is 4, 560 yen ( including tax) at Amazon.co.jp and 4,860 yen (including tax) at Rakuten Ichiba, but a 300 yen off coupon is being distributed, so if you apply it, the price will be 4,560 yen (including tax ), the same as at Amazon.co.jp, or 190 yen per bottle! February 2024 will see a rush of hot game releases, so many of us will be drinking and playing a lot of games after school or work, or on our days off! It would be a shame if you don't remember the parts of the game you played because it's such a hot topic! Let's enjoy both drinking and playing games with "Keeva Unsweetened Chuhai" as your partner!


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The second video of the collaboration between Holly & Keeva is now available! Finally,...

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