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250 ml size appeared in "Keba Yogriti Energy" containing 10 billion shielded lactic acid bacteria! What a blending amount is as it is!

シールド乳酸菌100億個配合の「キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー」に250mlサイズが登場!なんと配合量はそのまま!

We live in an era of energy drink wars, with each manufacturer releasing energy drinks of various sizes.
Although we all have our favorite products, it is now a good time to choose from a large number of products depending on our mood at the time.
When energy drinks were first released in Japan, they were considered to be an extension of nutritional drinks, and people would drink a small amount in a gulp.
However, while they are good for drinking over the course of a day while playing games, studying, or working, large-capacity products are often too much to drink when you need an instant boost of energy.
Keeva, a Japanese-made energy drink that pioneered the 500 ml large-volume drink in Japan, has launched the 250 ml "Keeva Energy Boost," which is just right for a kick in the pants and has been very well received.
Since the "Keeva" series comes in a variety of flavors, we were hoping that other flavors would come in a 250ml size, and now it has been announced that one of the most popular flavors in the "Keeva" series will be available in a 250ml size!

250mlサイズのキーバ登場!「KiiVA ENERGY BOOST」を飲んでみた!

Yogurti is now available in 250ml!

The new 250ml size will be available in one of the most popular flavors in the series, " Keeva Yogurti Energy"!
As the name suggests, this flavor combines the taste of lactic acid beverages with Keeva's energy drink flavor, and is popular even among those who are not fond of energy drinks, as it has less of the "energy drink" taste.
It is also notable that it is the first energy drink in the Japanese domestic market to contain 10 billion "shield lactobacilli.
The "shield lactobacilli," named for its ability to protect the human body from external enemies, is said to activate immune cells in the intestines, improve immunity, and prevent influenza.
It is the strongest energy drink that can both recharge your energy when you are tired and promote your health!

キーバ ヨーグリティエナジー250
Keeva Yoghurti Energy 250

Keeva Yoghurti Energy 250" is a half-size ( 250ml ) version of the regular 500ml "Keeva Yoghurti Energy".
Like Keeva Energy Boost, it is the same size as a long can of coffee, so it is perfect for when you want a quick kick.
The size is good, but what is worrisome is its composition.
Since the volume is halved from 500ml to 250ml, it is normal to think that the amount of ingredients is also halved. Go a different way from others. But Keeva, with its concept of "Keeva", would never do something so obvious!
Each 250ml can contains 10 billion "shield lactobacilli"! And 160mg of caffeine! Both of these amounts are the same as in the 500ml version!
The arginine content in the 500ml version is 450mg, while the 250ml version is 300mg, but still more than half the amount of arginine in half the amount of the 500ml version.
If the same amount of "seal and lactobacilli" and caffeine can be charged in half the amount, it is likely that more and more people will drink it on a daily basis.

Release date and price

Keeva Yoghurti Energy 250 will go on sale on Monday, October 18, 2021. The price is 159 yen (excluding tax ), which is more affordable than the 500 ml version.
We are entering a period when not only the new coronavirus but also influenza will become more prevalent as the weather gets colder.
Of course, it is important to take measures such as masks, hand washing, gargling, and vaccinations, but first and foremost, it is also important to take proper nutrition and stay healthy.
Keeva Yoglity Energy 250" is also recommended for physical condition management, so let's get through the winter of 2021 to 2022!


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Get 1000000000000 shielded lactic acid bacteria with "Keeba Yogriti Energy"!
Get 1000000000000 shielded lactic acid bacteria with "Keeba Yogriti Energy"!...

"KIBA" the energy drink with which 10,000,000,000 shield lactobacilli were combined by "KIBAYOGURITIENAJI" which became sale starting from N

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