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LAYLAX introduces a large-capacity gaming backpack "Multi-Gaming Backpack" compatible with large Akecon!

「LayLax」の新ブランド「LAYLAX GAMING」から大型アケコン対応の「マルチゲーミングリュック」が登場!

Among the many gaming devices, arcade controllers (hereafter referred to as "arcade controllers") are one of the largest!
As a controller user, I used to look at the fighting gamers pulling their carry cases at tournaments and LAN parties and think, "That looks like a lot of work.
However! LayLax has come up with a great product that solves that problem!
The " Multi Gaming Backpack," a gaming backpack compatible with large arcade game controllers developed in collaboration with professional gamers, will go on sale in June 2022!

A gaming backpack compatible with large-size video game consoles is now available!

マルチゲーミングリュックPR TIMES

LayLax ", known for planning, manufacturing and selling survival game goods and custom airsoft gun parts, has launched a new brand " LAYLAX GAMING "!
As the first product, " Multi Gaming Backpack ", a large-capacity gaming backpack jointly developed with professional gamers, will be released in June 2022!

This product was developed based on the concept of "a backpack that can safely carry gaming devices and has functions that can also be used for everyday use.
It is designed to carry all kinds of gadgets used by gamers. It can even hold a large arcade controller!
In addition, it is a large-capacity backpack with a triple storage system that can hold a survival gamer's air gun, light equipment, and even a large notebook PC at the same time!

The product will be available from June 2022 and will be priced at 14,080 yen (tax included) The product is scheduled to be available from June 2022, and is priced at
Now available for pre-order from the Multi-Gaming Backpack product page!

Outline of the product
Product name Multi-gaming backpack
Price 14,080 yen (tax included)
Release date Scheduled to go on sale in June 2022
Size Main unit H approx. 510 x W approx. 320 x D approx. 215mm
STORAGE 01,02 Internal dimensions: H approx. 490 x W approx. 310 x D approx. 55mm
Material Outer fabric: 100% polyester
Color/JAN Black] 4571443181879
Navy] 4571443181886
Sales URL http://www.laylax.com/products/detail.php?product_id=6435

Three storage spaces for all kinds of situations

The "Multi Gaming Backpack" has three separate compartments for all kinds of situations.
With excellent protection, you can safely carry gaming consoles, large laptops, headphones, air guns, or anything else you might need!

Storing gaming devices can take a toll on your shoulders and back, and the Multi-Gaming Backpack is ergonomically designed with molded padding.
The backpack is ergonomically designed with molded padding that divides the burden into multiple surfaces, and also provides air passage to reduce steam!

Large Akebono Stowable!

大型アケコン収納可能PR TIMES

When storing the arcade controller, the sleeve cushion protects the buttons, and the open space protects the joystick.
In addition, a wide variety of protective pads and dividers are included, allowing you to freely customize the layout to suit the device you are storing.

It can even hold your savage gear!

It can even hold air guns up to 510mm in length!
The included Velcro adjuster secures your valuable devices and guns in place, allowing you to carry them safely.

Includes a dedicated headphone holder! Equipped with a sleeve for a large laptop!

The dedicated holder for headphones, which are often a struggle to carry, is also included!
The free space is ideal for everyday use.
It also has a sleeve for a large 17" laptop, and the front pocket can hold a tablet!

Promotional video is now available!

A promotional video for LayLax 's new brand " LAYLAX GAMING " filmed at Japan's largest esports park " RED° TOKYO T OWER" is now available on YouTube!
The video introduces the appeal of the " Multi Gaming Backpack " in an easy-to-understand manner, so please watch it on the YouTube channel " LayLax Official "!


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