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ASUS launched ROG Eye,1080p/60fps Full HD webcam

ASUS launched ROG Eye,1080p/60fps Full HD webcam

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a Taiwan-based manufacturer of PCs, smartphones, and peripherals, has announced the " ROG Eye," a 1080p/60fps full HD webcam from its "ROG" gaming line. ROG Eye is a full HD 1080p/60fps webcam that is ideal for game distribution.

ROG Eye is optimized for game distribution


It has become a standard practice to show not only the game screen, but also the video feed of the video game player.

Many people use the in-camera that comes with their laptop PCs when streaming, but it is not a very good camera, as the image can be rough or dark.

The ROG Eye is a product that solves all of these problems.

Smooth 1080p/60fps video

The ROG Eye has a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 60fps, twice that of a regular camera.
ROG Eye delivers a crisp, smooth image of the viewer, even when the action is big during the stream.

Superior Face and Auto Detection and Auto Focus

Many players darken the room when playing games.
This is not a problem when playing alone, but when distributing a game, viewers may be bothered by the player's dark appearance.
In addition, it can be difficult to see the video in a dark environment due to blurring and out-of-focus images.

ROG Eye is equipped with an excellent face detection function, which allows the camera to capture a bright image of the distributor even in a dark environment.
It automatically detects the face of the person in the camera and fine-tunes the image to make the face appear brighter.
Auto-focus is also excellent, and the camera does not shift focus even if the person delivering the video bends over or gets too close to the camera.

Wide Dynamic Range Technology and Blue Glass

Depending on the position of the lighting in the location where the streaming takes place, the camera may be backlit.
ROG Eye uses Wide Dynamic Range technology to minimize overexposure even in backlit conditions.
The lens also uses blue glass to filter out infrared light.
This means you don't have to worry about the mysterious red light.

Beam-forming microphone for noiseless audio

Many of today's webcams are equipped with microphones, but the ROG Eye is different.
The ROG Eye has dual microphones and uses beamforming technology.
Beamforming eliminates ambient noise, such as whirring fans, keyboard clicks, game sound effects, and even your own voice, even in noisy environments.

The microphone's voice and directivity can also be set to your preference, so you can deliver clear audio with high-quality audio recording at a 96kHz/24-bit sample rate.

Slim and simple body

A large webcam can be distracting and in the view while playing.
The ROG Eye's compact 81mm x 29mm x 17mm design makes it easy to forget the camera is there.
It comes with an aluminum alloy base, so it can be used not only attached to a monitor, but also placed on a desk by itself for stability.


What is the release date and price of ROG Eye?

Unfortunately, the ROG Eye product page on the official ASUS website (in English) did not indicate a release date or price in Japan.
Since a webcam is now a necessity for live streaming, we are looking forward to hearing more about this product as we are looking for a high quality webcam.

ROG Eye Detailed Specifications

Connector USB
Platform PC / MAC
Cable Length 2 meter
Dimensions U8.1 x 2.88 x 1.66 cm (WxDxH)
Image resolution 2592 x 1944
Focus Type Auto
Polar patterns Beamforming (Dual Mic)
Package contents ROG Argus webcam
Aluminum-alloy base
USB cable
Webcam cover
Quick-start guide
About a year from the announcement ...! Streaming webcam ASUS "ROG Eye" is finally released in Japan!
About a year from the announcement ...! Streaming webcam ASUS "ROG Eye" is final...

ASUS JAPAN corporation sold a web camera for streamings of a smooth picture "ROG Eye" in 1080p/60fps more than the gaming brand of our company "R