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Youth micro carbonated drinks for enadori! Brain-based support drink "MATCH EneGENIUS" appeared!

青春微炭酸飲料がエナドリに!頭脳派応援飲料「MATCH EneGENIUS」登場!

Today's society is in a warring age of energy drinks. Each manufacturer offers a variety of energy drinks in a variety of flavors.
There are many products that are "energy drinks," and some of them are energy drinks based on already popular soft drinks.
Many of these products are based on popular flavors, and many people like to drink them because they are not only their favorite flavor, but also because they give them energy.
Did you know that there is a new addition to the lineup of energy drinks based on popular products?
Otsuka Foods' " MATCH " is now available as an energy drink! MATCH EneGENIUS" is a new energy drink for the brainiacs in your life!

MATCH" energy drink, a slightly carbonated drink to support study and work


MATCH En eGENIUS" is an energy drink version of Otsuka Foods' "MATCH" carbonated beverage.
With its blue and yellow package design, "MATCH" provides a daily dose of vitamins and sodium, and is easy to drink due to its low carbonation.
I am of the generation that was directly hit by the " Vitamin Soo Match " when it was first released, and I remember drinking it as much as I could in my youth.
Even now, when I listen to " Hajikko yo " or " Brand-New Myself -what I can do " by the band " Charcoal Filter ", my eyes burn.... The commercials with the students dancing so cool are so emo.
MATCH" and "MATCH Mineral Lychee" are also on sale now!

MATCH EneGENIUSAmazon.co.jp

MATCH EneGENIUS" is a brain-enhancing drink to support you while you are studying or working.
When your brain is working at full capacity, you need sugar for energy. This is one of the reasons why you tend to reach for sweets such as chocolate when you are working or studying.
MATCH EneGENIUS" contains two types of sugar: "fast-acting" glucose, which is absorbed quickly, and "sustained" palatinose, which is absorbed slowly.
This means that glucose is supplied as an energy source for the brain immediately after drinking, and palatinose slowly supplies energy over a long period of time afterwards, giving you energy quickly and for a long time.
And a familiar ingredient when it comes to energy drinks is caffeine, which also has a stimulant effect.
Many general energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine for this purpose, and while we want to receive energy, we are concerned about the excessive amount of caffeine.
On the other hand, "MATCH EneGENIUS" contains only 17mg of caffeine per 100ml, which is quite moderate.
The caffeine content of most energy drinks is around 30 mg per 100 ml, which is about half the amount of caffeine in a typical energy drink. According to "MATCH EneGENIUS," oolong tea (leachate) has 20 mg of caffeine, which is less than oolong tea!
Of course, one must be careful not to drink too much, but the amount of caffeine is enough to allow even growing students to drink with peace of mind.

Caffeine in Foods

Other than glucose, palatinose, and caffeine, energy ingredients are of course included.
According to the nutritional information per 100ml published on the official website

  • Energy : 61kcal
  • Protein : 0g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 15.4g
  • Salt equivalent : 0.03g
  • Vitamin B1 : 0.04mg
  • Vitamin B6 : 2.4mg
  • Niacin : 5.8mg
  • Vitamin C : 10-25mg
  • Glucose : 5.6g
  • Palatinose : 2.1g
  • Caffeine : 17mg

The following is a list of the ingredients.
MATCH EneGENIUS contains 240 ml per can, so the ingredients per can are 2.4 times this amount.
It also contains B vitamins B1, B6, and niacin, which aid in energy metabolism, and vitamin C, which has been noted for its resistance-boosting and antioxidant effects, making it a product that will help those who work late into the night.

The flavor is fruity sweet with a sharp bitterness that leaves the mouth feeling refreshed after drinking.
The carbonation is very stimulating, and the drink is very easy to enjoy, as is the case with "MATCH.
Even so, the taste of energy drinks cannot be described in writing! Please try tasting it for yourself!

Available at vending machines, Tsuruha Group, and Amazon!


MATCH EneGENIUS" is now on sale, but it is a limited sales channel product.
It is available at vending machines of Otsuka Foods and other stores of the Tsuruha Group such as Tsuruha Drug and Kusuri no Fukutaro throughout Japan.
It can be purchased online at Amazon.co.jp for 5,832 yen (tax included) for a box of 30 bottles.
From October 18, 2021 (Monday), a half-volume 15-pack will be available for 2,757 yen (including tax), so if you do not have an Otsuka Foods vending machine or a Turuha Group store near you and would like to try it first, why not purchase a 15-pack?
Work will become busier toward the end of the year, and students will be in the season of tests and entrance exams.
Students will have to work and study for a long time, so let's recharge your brain with "MATCH EneGENIUS" and keep up the good work!
For more information, please refer to the "MATCH EneGENIUS" product page.


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