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The trend for Generation Z is fruit juice energizers! New Monster Energy "Monster Aussie Style Lemonade" is now available!

Z世代のトレンドは果汁エナドリ!モンスターエナジー新作「モンスター オージースタイルレモネード」発売決定!

Whether it is food or beverages, what we want and what is popular changes with the seasons and temperatures. In the case of drinks, refreshing flavors are popular in the summer, but as the weather gradually cools down, people want to drink something with a stronger flavor. The same is true for energy drinks; as the weather cools down, people want to drink thicker flavors rather than refreshing ones. In addition, fruity "fruit juice" energy drinks that do not have a distinctive energy drink feel are popular among Generation Z, and various manufacturers are releasing a variety of fruit juice-based energy drinks. As we enter September of 2023, new flavors for this year's fall season are gradually appearing, and the king of the energy drink world, " Monster Energy ", has come out with a new flavor based on fruit juice, which is popular among the Generation Z!

全米人気No1!最狂の果汁系モンスター「モンスター マンゴー ロコ」をレビュー!

The exotic lemon flavor has struck!

モンスター オージースタイルレモネード
Monster Aussie Style Lemonade

The new Monster Energy Fall 2023 flavor is " Monster Aussie Style Lemonade "! Monster has released many fruit juice energy drinks such as " Monster Pipeline Punch " and " Monster Mango Loco " and has been extremely popular among Generation Z. But now, Monster Energy is releasing a new flavor named after the Australian nickname "Aussie & quot;Lemonade". This time, Monster has come up with a flavor named after Australia's nickname, "Aussie & quot;! Inspired by Australia, the home of citrus fruits, the refreshing lemonade flavor is characterized by a perfect balance of sweet and sour tastes. One sip and the bright lemon flavor will fill your mouth. The Australian-inspired flavor is not limited to the flavor; the packaging also features the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef with its colorful sea creatures and coral reefs, creating a magnificent ocean world. Of course, Monster Energy has also released a new energy poem, which is an indispensable part of the Monster Energy lineup!

Australia, home to over 10,000 beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, is also the home of the most exotic citrus fruits. Inspired by that land, Monster Aussie Style Lemonade was created. A Monster twist on the traditional lemonade, with a clean citrus flavor and the ideal balance of sweet and sour! And as always, it's mixed with plenty of the world's favorite energy blends. Try it chilled! Unleash the Beast!

...and it is easier to imagine the taste than usual Enerpoe. What's wrong with the opposite! However! The reality is that you have to actually drink the ENERGY DRINK to know what it actually tastes like! Monster Aussie Style Lemonade will be released on Tuesday, October 3, 2023! The price will be 213 yen (excluding tax) for the usual 355ml can! For those of you who can't wait for the release, sampling will be held in major cities across Japan starting Monday, September 25, 2023, so be sure to check out Monster Energy Japan's official X (@MonsterEnergyJP ) for more information!

Special box present to compare the drinks!

To celebrate the release of the new flavor "Monster Aussie Style Lemonade", there will be a " Repost to Win! Monster Aussie Style Lemonade Release Campaign " to win a special box!

モンスター オージースタイルレモネード スペシャルボックス
Monster Aussie Style Lemonade Special Box
モンスター オージースタイルレモネード スペシャルボックス
Monster Aussie Style

1,000 participants will be selected by drawing to win a " Monster Aussie Style Lemonade Special Box" containing a bottle each of original Monster Energy and "Monster Aussie Style Lemonade". A special "Monster Aussie Style Lemonade Special Box " containing a bottle each of the original Monster Energy and Monster Aussie Style Lemonade will be given away. You can compare the two drinks! To enter, simply follow Monster Energy official X (@MonsterEnergyJP ) and repost the campaign post! The campaign will run from September 11, 2023 (Monday) to September 18, 2023 (Monday, holiday) 23:59 for about a week. We assume that you are already following the official X, so please check and repost the campaign post now!


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