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The original smartphone "BlackBerry" will be revived with 5G in 2021! Moreover, the strongest formation ofWardMobility and FIH Mobile!

元祖スマートフォン「BlackBerry」が2021年に5Gで復活!しかもOnwardMobilityとFIH Mobileの最強布陣!

Android and iOS are now the mainstream operating systems for smartphones, but the original smartphone is the BlackBerry.
With its high security, business-focused physical QWERTY keyboard, unique look and feel, it' s the coolest smartphone in the world!
There are BlackBerry users in the Saiga NAK editorial team, and the author is one of them.

I am currently using the BlackBerry KEY2 (silver) as my main phone, and it has been on the market for almost two years now. Just recently, the battery has started to swell.
I would like to get a new model, but unfortunately, TCL, which is currently selling BlackBerry handsets, announced that they would not be releasing any more new handsets, and I thought my dream of a new model was over.
But! Here comes the announcement of a new, 5G-enabled BlackBerry in 2021!

I got the long awaited BlackBerry KEY2 in Japan on the day it was released, so I had my usual opening ceremony!

It will be back in 2021 with OnwardMobility!

New BlackBerry 5G Smartphones COMING 2021
New BlackBerry 5G Smartphones COMING 2021

As of August 31, 2020, BlackBerry's contract with TCL, the current BlackBerry handset provider, will end, and sales of existing TCL BlackBerrys will cease.
In conjunction with the termination of the contract, Onward Mobility, a US-based Indian software company in the field of mobile security, has announced a contract with BlackBerry!

Foxconn, parent company of Sharp, is also participating!

BlackBerry, OnwardMobility, and FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group (鴻海科技集團), will manufacture the world-class devices.

FIH Mobile is also an investor in Razer, and is familiar with gaming device makers, most notably Foxconn, which now owns Sharp.
The AQUOS series smartphones have a significant presence in the e-sports industry right now.

Will it be the most powerful security smartphone?

One of BlackBerry's greatest features is its strong security, so if the new model teams up with Onward Mobility, which is strong in the field of security, it will be even more secure than before.

Security of smartphones in particular has recently become a concern, and while there are a number of high-spec, high-performance smartphones available, there is a lack of options.
With the return of BlackBerry to the market, I believe that BlackBerry will be the only choice for smartphones.

BlackBerrys in the editorial office
Saiga NAK

Wait for further news!

BlackBerrys in the editorial office
Saiga NAK

OnwardMobility's official website currently shows " New BlackBerry 5G Smartphones COMING 2021," which indicates that the new BlackBerry will be 5G compatible, that it will appear in the first half of 2021, and that it will have a physical keyboard. The description also states that the new BlackBerry will be 5G capable, will appear in the first half of 2021, and will be an Android smartphone with a physical keyboard, which is very exciting!

Until further news comes out, we'll be drooling over the BlackBerry freebies on "PakuTaso"!

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