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Released!"G-TuneGAMING HEADSET"by MouseComputer


G-Tune, a gaming brand developed by Mouse Computer, has released a new headset " G-Tune GAMING HEADSET " that supports simulated 7.1ch surround sound.

Aids play with a three-dimensional sound

Many players need a high-quality headset for FPS games, as detailed sound affects the accuracy of their play.
The "G-Tune GAMING HEADSET" supports simulated 7.1ch surround sound, which allows the player to grasp space and distance through sound, and to hear even small sounds such as other players' footsteps.
Simulated 7.1ch surround microphone input is only available with USB connection.

Connections can be made to either left or right

While most headsets have fixed microphone and connection cables, the G-Tune GAMING HEADSET allows the microphone unit as well as the cable to be connected to either the left or right ear cup.
In addition to connecting to the position of your choice, you can also change the position depending on the position of the device to which you are connecting or the position of the camera during live streaming.
Two types of cables are included: a USB cable and a 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug, which can be used with a variety of devices.

Block out external noise and concentrate on your play

The "G-Tune GAMING HEADSET" is equipped with a large 53mm driver unit that can reproduce even the most detailed sound effects with high fidelity.
The earpads feature large, three-dimensionally shaped earpads that are both comfortable to wear and cut out external noise.

Price and Specifications


The G-Tune GAMING HEADSET is priced at 7,980 JPY (excluding tax) and will be available at Mouse Computer Rakuten Ichiba stores on May 30, 2019.
From May 22 to May 29, it can be purchased as a set with a PC from the official G-Tune website.

The specification details are as follows

Type Sealed dynamic type
Unit Diameter 53mm diameter
Output Sound Pressure Level 103±3dB
Playback frequency range 20Hz to 20,000Hz
Impedance 60Ω
Weight (main unit + microphone) Approx. 300g (excluding cable)
Terminal / Attached cable USB/PC connection cable (length: 1.8m)
φ3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug analog connection cable
(Length: 1.4m)
Other accessories Microphone
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