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PS Plus adds "Yakuza0 Oath Place", "Yakuza Pole", "Yakuza Polar 2"! 8 numbered works will be gathered by the end of this year!

PS Plusに「龍が如く0 誓いの場所」「龍が如く 極」「龍が如く 極2」が追加!年内にはナンバリング8作品が集結!

Yakuza7: Where the Light and Darkness Go " will be added to the August 2022 free-to-play schedule, along with "Little Nightmares" and "UNRAILED! The latest in the series, "Yakuza 7: Where the Light and Darkness Go" is now available.
The latest title in the series, "Yakuza7," will feature Ichiban Kasuga as the main character, but many players still want to see Kazuma Kiryu in action in the "Yakuza" series!
To that end, we are pleased to announce that seven titles from the "Yakuza" series will be added to the Game Catalog and Classics Catalog, which are part of the PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) Extra/Premium service!
Including the free-to-play games, all eight games in the Yakuza series are now available on PS Plus!

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August will be adding some great titles to its roster!

The three stories of the beginning of the series will be added in August!

Yakuza0 誓いの場所


Three new titles that tell the story of Kazuma Kiryu, starting with "Kara no Hitotsubo," will be added to the game catalog in August!
The game catalog is available to " PS Plus Essential/Premium " subscribers.

Titles added in August

  • Yakuza0: The Place of Oath: PS Plus Extra/Premium
  • Yakuza Pole: PS Plus Extra/Premium
  • Yakuza Pole 2: PS Plus Extra/Premium

Sequels will be added by the end of the year!


Sequels to the epic story of "The Dragon of Dojima" will be released in sequence by the end of 2022!
In the meantime, you may choose to play the first three games or follow the story of Kasuga Ichiban!
In the meantime, you can either continue with the first three stories or follow the story of Kasuga Ichiban! The latter three titles are available only with PS Plus Premium.
Premium also includes the Classics Catalog, where you can play titles from the original PS, and the Game Trial Service, where you can try out the latest games.

Additional titles to be added in 2022

  • Yakuza3: PS Plus Premium
  • Yakuza4: The Legend Continues: PS Plus Premium
  • Yakuza5: Yume, Kanoeshimono: PS Plus Premium
  • Yakuza6 Poem of Life. Yakuza6: PlayStation Plus Extra / Premium


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The renewed "PlayStation Plus" is finally in service! The title list for Japan is also official!
The renewed "PlayStation Plus" is finally in service! The title list for Japan i...

The renewed "PlayStation Plus" will also be available in Japan from June 2 (Thu)! The title list for Japan has also been released!

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