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Glowing gaming mask "Razer Zephyr" suddenly goes on sale! And sold out immediately!

光るゲーミングマスク「Razer Zephyr」が突如販売開始!そして即完売!

The " Razer Con 2021 " event by gaming device manufacturer Razer was held on Friday, October 22, 2021, at 2:00 a.m. (Japan time ).
Despite the fact that the event was broadcast late at night in Japan, there was a great deal of excitement on social networking sites, which clearly shows that Razer is a globally popular brand that is attracting a lot of attention.
Although there was no information about the product to be announced, it was expected that there would be some information about the "Razer Zephyr" glowing gaming mask.
As expected, the CEO KEYNOTE, which started about 2 hours into the broadcast, announced information about the "Razer Zephyr"!

It is now on sale! And it sold out immediately!

Razer Zephyr" is a gaming mask that Razer announced as " PROJECT HAZEL " in January 2021.
Unlike the usual gaming masks that only glow, this mask is N95 grade mask that has passed the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIST) standards, has a design that allows you to see lip movements and facial expressions by showing the mouth, and is equipped with RGB lighting that is compatible with Razer Chroma. This is a level of product that makes gaming masks want to get down on their knees.
It is no wonder that the officially announced category of this product is " Wearable Air Purifier " and not "Mask," as it is a high-performance item that has become the talk of the town around the world!
Since its announcement, there has been a lot of talk about it, including the official name "Razer Zephyr," and at "Razer Con 2021," it was announced that it will be released on October 22, 2021 (local time )!
The sales have started on the official Razer website... but...! Sold out immediately! You can't buy it now!

It is a product that had a lot of buzz, and the main unit itself is only $99.99. US$ 99.99 and a set of filters. US$ 29.99 The "Starter Pack", which includes the main unit and three filters, is priced at US$149.99 (21% off), compared to US$189.96 if purchased individually.
Although it is not available for purchase at this time, you can register your e-mail address at the Razer Zephyr purchase page on the official Razer website to be the first to know when the next Razer Zephyris available.
If you are interested in purchasing the Razer Zephyr, why don't you register your e-mail address with Razer?
Also, there is currently no announcement regarding the release of the Razer Zephyr in Japan, but we believe that the "Razer Zephyr" will be included in the " We will announce the release of the Razer Zephyr in Japan as soon as possible" posted by the official Twitter account of Razer (@RazerJP ). We will wait for further news!
For more information about "Razer Zephyr", please visit the official Razer website!


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