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[May 10, 12:00 p.m. lifting of the ban] Yoshiki Ism-filled new energy drink "Real Gold X" "Real Gold Y" release decision!

YOSHIKIイズムの詰まった新エナジードリンク「リアルゴールド X」「リアルゴールド Y」発売決定!

In today's energy drink warring age, many energy drinks are being sold by various manufacturers.
New products are being introduced at an extremely fast pace, and I tend to pick up the new ones, but I am sure that there are many people who have their own "best energy drink" in mind.
In Japan, the term "energy drink" seems to have taken root after the arrival of a certain red cow, but there are many products that have been giving energy to the Japanese people long before that.
Among them, " Real Gold " from Coca-Cola Japan has been loved for more than 40 years since its launch in 1981.
The well-known short can type containing royal jelly extract is, of course, loved by a wide range of people, and in 2019, the energy drink " Real Gold Dragon Boost " will be released. Real Gold is now set to release a new energy drink.
The Japanese rock star has teamed up with Real Gold to bring a new energy drink to the world!

「けっこう根性あるのネ。」王道中の王道「リアルゴールド 浅倉南Ver.」を飲んでみた

Collaboration with YOSHIKI! Two new products, "X" and "Y"!

Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y

Real Gold is proud to announce a new collaboration with one of Japan's most famous artists and rock stars, " YOSHIKI " (honorific title omitted) of " X JAPAN "!
It is no exaggeration to say that Real Gold, Japan's leading energy drink, and YOSHIKI, Japan's leading rock star, have teamed up to create an energy drink that represents Japan.
In this collaboration, YOSHIKI's thoughts " Everyone is a pioneer who paves the way, and if there is any magic that can change the world, it is to persist. Someday a path will open up." NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE." The product was created by Coca-Cola Japan, which empathizes with YOSHIKI's " YOSHIKI-ism," and is inspired by the music played by YOSHIKI.
To express the rock star and classical musician YOSHIKI, two products will be released in this collaboration.
The red packaging of " Real Gold X " expresses the exuberance and power of rock-inspired exuberance and frenetic energy, and YOSHIKI's intense drumming performance is a visual feast for the eyes.
The ingredients include caffeine and guarana spice mix.

The blue packaging of " Real Gold Y " represents the concentration and inner power of a classical musician, reminiscent of YOSHIKI at the KAWAI crystal piano.
The ingredients are caffeine, theanine, and an herbal mix.

It is very difficult to describe YOSHIKI in one word, as he travels the world and is active in a wide range of fields, but "Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y" are linked to his "Rock" and "Classical" musicality. Gold Y" will be a new energy drink for the next generation who will challenge themselves with the spirit of " NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

On Sale Nationwide from May 16th!

Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y" will go on sale nationwide on Monday, May 16, 2022!
Along with the announcement, a talk session between YOSHIKI and the "challengers" will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 20: 00 and streamed LIVE, and you can also follow the official Twitter (@RealGold_XY ) to receive a message from YOSHIKI with a follow & RT! Follow @RealGold_XY on Twitter to win a set of "Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y" with a message from YOSHIKI.
Please check the official Twitter and product page for future developments!

In 2022, various music festivals that have been postponed in recent years are scheduled to be held.
Why not enjoy the best of rock festivals with "Real Gold X" and the best of rock festivals with "Real Gold Y" for a break or for a quieter sound?
For more information, please visit the "Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y" product pages!


Sorry, this article is only available in Japanese and 繁體中文. at the moment.

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