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New T-shirt of Super Mario 35th anniversary design appeared from UNIQLO!


Super Mario has been loved around the world since Nintendo released "Super Mario Bros." for the Family Computer in 1985.
To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, UNIQLO has released new "Super Mario" T-shirts and pants.
The items are a must-see for fans as they feature Mario from a variety of series, from 8-bit to 3D.
The items are available at UNIQLO stores nationwide and online.

UNIQLO player Nishikori wearing one of these T-shirts
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年

The lineup includes a total of 18 varieties

There are 8 patterns of UTs in sizes XS-4XL, each priced at 990 yen (tax not included), 6 types of UTs in kids' sizes, and 4 types of staples. These are 790 yen per design, tax not included.

UT in pink on white fabric: 990 yen + tax
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年
When it comes to Mario, it's red! UT: 990 yen + tax
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年
Yoshi with SNES controller: 990 yen + tax
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年
Mario crouching. Is there a surprise when you turn up the pocket? Yoshi and his egg are cute: 790 yen + tax
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年
Cute Yoshi and egg: 790 yen + tax
ユニクロUT特集 スーパーマリオ35周年

And there's so much more to the lineup!

All of the designs are must-haves for fans.
There are many more products available in addition to the graphical T-shirts and pants introduced here, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out at UNIQLO stores nationwide or on the UNIQLO online store.


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