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This time, short cans at vending machines! "ZONe QUICK BOOST βVer.0.9.19" is here!

今度は自販機でショート缶!「ZONe QUICK BOOST βVer.0.9.19」が登場!

The "ZONe" energy drink series has a large 500 ml capacity and a large number of enthusiasts.
Recently, the company has released a series of new flavors in a short period of time, including " mad_hacker " in April 2021 and " Trance " in June 2021, and the standard black can of "ZONe" has been updated to " Ver. 2.0.0 The classic black can of "ZONe" has been updated to " Ver. 2.0.0".
The new "ZONe" can contains 150mg of caffeine per 500ml can, which is one of the highest caffeine content among energy drinks.
The "ZONe" series has already announced a new product! This time, for the first time in the history of "ZONe," it is a short can!

Concentrated caffeine for a quick charge!

ZONe QUICK BOOST βVer.0.9.19
ZONe QUICK BOOST beta version 0.9.19
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The newest addition to the "ZONe" series is " ZONe QUICK BOOST beta Ver. 0.9.19".
The previous "ZONe" series had a large volume of 500ml, but "ZONe QUICK BOOST βVer. 0.9.19" is the first 240ml short can type in history.
The short can of a certain red cow energy drink is 250ml, so you can think of it as being about the same size.
ZONe" has a large capacity of 500ml and can charge you with energy all day long, but it is certainly a large amount when you want a quick kick.
The 240ml is easy to grab when the moment strikes!
Since ZONe claims to be " concentrated caffeine for fast activation," we checked the ingredients listed on the official website to see how much caffeine is in the formula, and found the following Each 240ml can contains 75mg of caffeine! The ingredients are listed as follows.
ZONe Ver. 2.0.0 contains 150mg of caffeine per 500ml bottle, so I guess that means the content and the amount of caffeine in this product is about half of that of ZONe Ver. 2.0.0.
That said, the other "ZONe" series such as "mad_hacker," "Trance," and "Utopia" contain 75mg of caffeine per 500ml can, so 240ml is equivalent to one can of those products. So you can get the same amount of caffeine in 240ml as you can in one of those cans!

ZONe QUICK BOOST Beta Ver. 0.9.19" will be available in vending machines in Tokyo and 9 prefectures from July 2021!
The 9 prefectures in Tokyo are Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Nagano, Niigata, and Yamanashi, so if you live in one of these prefectures, check the vending machines when you find one.
They are being introduced sequentially, so grab one as soon as you find it!


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This zone is fruit mix system!? I drank "ZONe Trance Ver.1.0.0"!
This zone is fruit mix system!? I drank "ZONe Trance Ver.1.0.0"!...

ZONe Trance Ver.1.0.0 sold more than Suntory ZONe on June 15, I'd like to review briefly right away! The color by which this ZONe is a package is yellow, green

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